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Table It Link Party 08 with a Purple Tablescape

Welcome to the Table It 08 Link Party!

Hello hello hello!

I have been so busy out in the yard this week and with chores that my best laid plans of creating a new post for the link party went away with the last thunderstorm we had yesterday...
I am going to toss up an older post I did last year of a purple tablescape...
It seemed to be a big favorite with everyone

I had planned on doing another post on some garden pictures that I took yesterday but the weather is not cooperating.

Oh don't get me wrong, we have gotten some sunshine everyday with the rain...which is wonderful to me!
To get rain everyday, just enough so I don't have to water!
and just enough sunshine to make my new flowers thrive!
but my dog could do without the thunder storms!

I love thunderstorms....I wish she did....poor thing.

So due to the fact that I am running on laptop battery power (and until the storm is over I am not plugging into a wall outlet)...and have 20 minutes left and I haven't even checked my email, FB, Twitter account yet...I better keep this short!

Now let's start the party!

OK now for icky part...the rules:
  • Don't link and comment from you could make someone day!
  • Please only link up tablescapes, garden, recipes or decor related posts 
  • Don't link up the same thing from last week, we've seen it

and finally
  • If you like my antics, blonde hair or you miss "Pisser" please follow me. (not a requirement, but Pisser would appreciate it)
If you haven't met Pisser yet, then you two can get introduced here....


Christine Graves

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