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Table It Link Party #65

Home Decor, Recipe, Tablescape  Link up Party for bloggers to share design ideas and creativity. 

The Table It Link Party is on! Come sit down, grab your favorite Fall drink and share your blog posts with friends. You can link up and network with tons of creative bloggers. Share your home decor, tablescapes, recipes and much more!

Afternoon. Its so good to see you! Hope you all had a great week. Its been a very difficult week for us here. A lot of changes have been going on. "G" wasn't feeling well and had some severe pain and redness in his big toe and foot. After a flurry being admitted into the hospital and doctors and many many tests after tests He has been diagnosed with Gout and Type 2 Diabetes. 

I feel so bad for him because it must have been quite a shock when he heard the news about the Diabetes. But my sweetie is home now, and has all his diabetes pills and glucose monitoring system. Hopefully in the next day or so the Gout will reduce itself even more, so walking will be less painful.

Early this morning we were at our local grocers, buying more healthy foods for him to eat so he can change his eating habits. He used to be a man who only ate one meal a day and would eat junk for the rest of the night. Now he is going to have to eat 3 good meals and a lot less candy, potato chips and potatoes. More brown rice and salad. Less potatoes. Did I mention he loves potatoes? 

It's going to be a change for him, but he is handling it like a true drill sergeant, let me tell you. He is following the doctor's instructions and is already eating more fresh fruit and no candy. He has always been a huge water drinker this isn't going to be as dramatic for him as others.   

The biggest transition is going to be while at work he has to eat breakfast and lunch. Which he never stopped to do before in 40 years of working. 

The gout is what I had to get educated about. It is also related to a poor diet and hereditary. So with proper meals and medication, it should quickly get under control. Gout is when the Uric acid in your body crystallizes and starts to form on joints. According to the professionals when it first hits it usually occurs at night and is very painful at first.

So that was hubby's week.

Last week I did a colorful Fall table so if you missed it you can click the link below and take a peek.

Rustic Fall Table

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