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How I Store 100's of Photos

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog

If you are like me, you take TONS of photos. If you have found yourself scrolling, scrolling, scrolling AND scrolling just to get to a certain picture.
then please continue to read this tutorial on how to store photos. 

If you are using google/Picasa's online photo storage to backup those photo's then please read this. (For those non techies out there....

if you use Blogger to create and share your blog posts, then you are currently using Picasa Web Photo Albums (that's where blogger stores them)...it saves every photo you upload automatically. I am not using wordPress to blog, so I have no idea what they're using. This might be a whole new post in itself....but I will say this...if you're familiar with Picasa Photo Albums...please start creating individual albums for EACH blog post, insert your photos there, AND THEN PULL YOUR pic's from THERE. 

Have you had the problem of being told you ran out of storage space and/or some of your photos disappear?

Thats because the photo has been moved or deleted. But if you upload photos to an album (named by your blog post) then inserted into your post directly from Picasa web albums, you can then make a better decision on what to delete. If you delete photos in your web album, then you'll have to delete the post.  

Each of us get free photo storage to use to blog with but when that space is used up, you have to pay for more OR start deleting photos. If all your photos are categorized in different albums it will save you about 9 hours of work trying to decide which photos to delete. Unless you want to pay them for more online storage space. OK? enough said about that for now.

Back to storing photos on your computer.

But first, we need to cover a couple of basic computer skills....just in case

You are going to need to know how to:

1. Create a file folder (or several easily)
2. Move files or photo's into your new folder

First decide where you want this folder at...inside "My Documents" or "My Pictures"...its your personal preference. For the sake of this tutorial I am going to use "My Pictures".

To create a new folder on your computer in "My Pictures" open up that folder.

Using your mouse.... click anywhere in a WHITE area with the RIGHT side of your mouse (Not the left). Also known as RIGHT CLICK. You will see some choices like below when you RIGHT Click in the white area of a folder:

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog

See "New"....
hover your mouse over that. You will get more choices like below.

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog

You go practice, we'll wait for ya :-)

Back for more? ok!
If you clicked on "folder" (like in the photo above) then you will see this

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog

You have just created a new file folder.
At this point above you can then give that folder a new name. But let's say you want to have 10 or 20 new folders and you want to do it quickly...

Click on that new folder one time and let go (You don't want to see the words "new folder" highlighted in blue anymore) your just selecting the entire folder....HOLD down the CTRL key on your keyboard, and hit the letter "C". (You have just copied that folder)

Click in the WHITE area inside "My Pictures" folder....Hold down the CTRL button again and hit the letter "V". You have just "pasted" another new folder....Taa Daaa!

Hit CTRL + V again......you just created a 3rd folder
Hit CTRL + V again 
Hit CTRL + V again
Hit CTRL + V again
Hit CTRL + V again
Hit CTRL + V again
Hit CTRL + V again

Now you are a copy and paste guru!
CTRL + C = Copy
CTRL + V = Paste

To re-name these folders simply click on one....wait a second or 2 and click once on the name (where it says new folder)....you will see it highlighted so now you can type in what name you want. (or click once on the folder and hit the F2 key on your keyboard and type in a new name)

Easy right?

OK so now let me show you my file folders on my computer...to give you an idea on how you can save your photos....

I currently have 6 main categories that I photograph a lot. (I'm excluding the I-Pod photo cache and a couple of others that simply got created from other programs)

Blog (pics and tutorials)
Decorating files
Laptop info (I take photos of my serial numbers just in case I need them for repair or theft purposes) The other pic's in there are just random facebook photos I liked, they'll be deleted soon :-)

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog

If you were to open say....the first folder "Blog"

You would see this:

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog

I have more folders inside for:
Blog Backup's
Blog logo's (from outsiders)
Profile pic's
Tutorials (which store some how to's I like and it also stores any HTML code I use on my blog....so I don't have to re-create it in an emergency)

If you were to open my decorating file....

You would see I have every kind of folder from Basement to Wreaths
This is where I store photos of my home under the correct folder as well as inspiration photos I find.
I use pinterest as well like so many others, but sometimes I like to see a bigger version so I save them for my use only and delete them when done.

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog

Let's get to my tablescapes folder....I'm guessing that's the one everyone wants to see...

I have 2 main categories that I start with

1. Inspirational
2. Mine

The one I use for inspiration only, I just save all the photos in one spot....and I clean it out yearly. 

My Tablescapes that I do...
The folder that contains my tablescapes goes by these 2 categories:

Year....then by blog post name

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog 
so if you open up the year 2013....you'd see this:

(Disclaimer: I tried a couple of other ways like just naming the photos, or numbering them but it wasn't working for me, so as you clearly read/see....

I am in the process of re-naming several folders so they reflect my blog posts. It makes it easier to find a specific tablescape. Just read the bottom row that way it looks like I'm done...:-)

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog

 Below is 2014...and I have already gotten off to a good start. 
The photos that aren't in a file folder yet....I haven't blogged about it yet... so your getting a sneak peek!

How to store 100's of Pictures if you blog

Lets teach you about moving several photos or files into one of your new folders shall we?

If you want to move say 5 or 20 files/photos at once you can use your "Shift" key on your keyboard.

Click once on the FIRST photo and holding down the SHIFT key CLICK the last photo you want to highlight and move. You should see every photo from the first to the last highlighted, now you can click (anywhere highlighted) and drag them into a your new file folder.
Click on the file once...holding your shift key....and using your arrow keys on your keyboard hit the arrow going to the right, or down and see what gets highlighted...Have fun practicing :-)

When you are practicing, do not rush through this....your computer will wait on you. If you start moving things to quickly (I can't tell you how many times I've done this!) you can accidentally put them in the wrong folder.
and if BY chance this happens, or when syncing your camera it send them to some unknown spot..... let me give you one last tip on how to find them.

Remember how I talked about the CTRL key on your keyboard can give you some different functions?

CTRL plus hitting the letter "F".....means "Find".

so if you know the name of the file....use CTRL + F to locate your missing file(s).

CTRL + C = Copy
CTRL + V = Paste
CTRL + F = Find
want more?
CTRL + P = Print
CTRL + A = All (selects everything)

The last thing I'll discuss is storage space on your computer.

Using some of the free picture editors to edit and save your pictures will/can "compress" your photos...all this basically means is that it is reducing the file size. You can use this feature to help store more of your photos on your computer if hard drive space is an issue. But one tip, the more you compress a picture file, the more detail you can lose in your pictures. So it's a balancing act. 

Thats why I'd suggest saving files by year....that way you can always take the oldest year...and put it on an external hard drive or your favorite way to store files off the computer. There are too many ways to list that you can do this plus it depends on your budget and need. So research it and find out what works for you.

Let me also strongly suggest that if you like your files and photos, then please get a backup system! Read the manual and use it weekly or daily. Can you live with losing pictures of your loved ones? Your taxes?


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