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DIY Projects

DIY Projects
DIY Projects

Winter Table Decoration

Cozying up the dining room by setting a pretty and colorful table

A nice soft romantic table is what's needed today.

I am going to make my own version of sunshine today.

Tablescape Ideas for Winter or Spring

Soft and Romantic Tablescape Ideas

I went out today to buy paint to do a quick diy to my windows in the dining room and got sidetracked.

The weather made me change my mind. Don't let these pictures fool you. I changed the "white balance" of my camera so it appears we have light outside.

The art of setting a romantic table

Valentines Day Ideas

So when I saw pots of fresh lavender, I decided it was going to be a day of flowers instead of stinky paint.

Valentines Day Tablescape Ideas

Maybe I will let tomorrow be stinky paint day. 

Fresh Lavender Centerpiece Ideas

I did mix in some faux greenery as well, but seeing tiny little pops of color really set a nice soft and romantic mood.

Regardless of what it looks like outside.
The art of stacking dishes for entertaining.

Quick and Easy Tablescape Ideas for Entertaining.

Creative uses for antique doilies and lace tablecloths

Tablecape Ideas for Entertaining.

Tablecape Ideas for Winter - Pretty Pinks and Purples to get rid of the Blues.

Ideas for Entertaining - setting a winter table.

To dress up the plastic pots all I did was grab a couple of thrift store polyester napkins and re-tie them, hiding the ugly pot.

Entertaining Ideas for Winter

winter table top decor to chase away the winter blues

This table really chases away the winter blues for me. I am also expecting to be bombarded with new garden catalogs I ordered.

What do you do to chase away those blues. when the weather has you down? 


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