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Porch & Patio

Porch & Patio
Porch & Patio

Janine's New Home

Janine (My baby Sister) Bought Her First Home

Remember when you got your first place? All the wishes and hopes you wanted to do with it. All the paint choices, updates to make it your own style? It's full of white walls, cream colored carpeting and possibilities. Lots of ideas, new colors, new hardwood floors, new pictures.....and new friends to make great memories with.

Pictures to honor this very special occasion in my sister's life.
The living room wall right after we finished covering up the white wall with it's new color. One wall down, 3 to go. I love this warm red color she picked out. The other 3 walls, are 18 feet tall. Probably going to need hubby's help on the big ladder for those. My sister and I are both 5'2" so this isn't a paint party on chairs for this one.

Now it's time to paint the other 3 walls a nice taupey cream (OK, I made that name up). The red wall before we painted the other three really stood out next to those white walls! 

 Looking good !

This pic shows the holes being patched first then we touched up the paint. Now all this room needs is maybe a chair, hardwood floors and some curtains.

  Let me introduce you to my Supervisor; Snickers....she is named after the famous candy bar with whom she got all her wonderful colors from. She is on a nap break after a long afternoon of supervising me painting and putting some household items away.

Lovely mauve chair isn't it? Ha! not really, we know. This chair does comes with some advantages though.
1. It has a identical twin.
2. Both chairs were fifty percent off at the thrift store.
3. They only cost $15.00 a piece. and last but not least number 4: A slipcover or some could it get better.

You can't buy a decent chair for under $300!

Use your imagination......can you see it? I think they'll both be unbelievable. If they probably still had some more of these chairs....I'd have bought a couple.

Janine bought 3 cans of fabric spray paint from a website and 3 days is one coat on the thrift store treasure.

we still have to re-do the legs of these chairs, but it's looking really good so far.

Both the website and the fabric spray paint can said that it wouldn't change the feel of the fabric.....and so far, I'd say they were right. The spray paint was watery and dripping can be a problem if you don't lay down a tarp.

Now let's take one last look at 1980's Mauve at its finest. I'll post the finished pictures later due to the Manufacturer recommends at least 48 hours of drying time. I will give you this one heads up: The pattern on this fabric is going to show through, as it was a paisley type, to me it's going to be great because Paisley can be a timeless look for any decor. So if you don't like the pattern.....the only thing this spray paint is going to do is color it. Not make it go away. Once the fabric started to dry, it was still there.

Below are some additional pics of the living room....we worked double time on her place this weekend, due to the impending Holidays.

Here is Janine's baby dachshund Cleo.....she was yawning, but for Cleo's ego.....she is a vicious ankle biter! watch out!

Below is a buy she made at of those removable wall decals......she picked out this great tree that was only like $16.00.... 30 minutes later (we had to stop for lunch) it is, a great wall decoration for a smallish bathroom. The best part is if she wants to relocate's reusable elsewhere. Wouldn't these be great on a farm style dining table with pictures laid out and a sheet of tree via family dining. I love it!

 Behind the toilet we put wicker baskets to hold some silvery green bath and hand towels. I think we got the baskets at Old Time Pottery (on sale of course)

 We did a little vignette over the closet door. Can I just say that all the items used here are from  clearance aisles in Hobby Lobby, or our local Thrift store. The pedestal table was one of those horrible fake wood grain tables, so with the wave of our magic brush and some black was transformed.

Note to self; when a new chandelier gets purchased, hang it lower so the view isn't blocked. lol
 Her bedroom..... right before her co-workers/friends show up to install her new hardwood flooring. They did a great job. I started to feel bad for them when it came time to make all the cuts around the closets, and in the 2nd floor landing outside her bedroom door. That part took twice as long then anything else. I bet their backs and knees were hurting the next day.

 This heavy, very large and let me say for the record:

I am never helping my sister move it again. Unless I get to use a chainsaw. Trying to get this monster headboard up the stairs....ughhhhh......Did I say it was heavy and massive?

Currently I am working on her kitchen table and chairs.  Another project......trash to treasure, literally. Her colleagues at work said someone had dropped these off at the dumpster  out back and wanted to know if she needed furniture for her new house. One email pic to me asking for advice and into her car the 4 chairs went! 2 with arms and 2 without.

When the chairs are done and I get to "scape" the table.....I'll post more pics.

Thanks for stopping by to view our progress and I'll keep posting about her new place until we're done.


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