About Me

Welcome to my blog. My name is Christine and my husband and I live in Northwest Indiana, approximately 40 miles South of Chicago. We own a brick ranch home full of character, and wonderful memories.  As empty nesters, we are currently enjoying the extra time and money to customize our home to suit our need for a more modern and rustic space.

On my blog, I will share with you our home, garden and the occasional Do It Yourself Project.

I garden until my back hurts, my wallet is empty and my fingernails are chipped, broken and filthy. Or until my loving husband says “You want to do what?!?”

One of my hobbies (ok, fetishes) is I love to set a lovely or rustic tablescape. My style ranges from rustic to fancy. (hence the name of my blog) You will see everything from expensive dishes to things that are rusty and crusty that came out of  trash pile or a barn.

Another hobby of mine is furniture moving. I think most people call it Interior Design. My husband calls it “Pinterest Hell” or “Relocation Obsession of every object in the home”. I am always finding ways to re-discover a better way to use or salvage a thrift store piece or anything rusted. Find a new location for a piece of furniture. 

Many of the rooms of my home, never stay the same for more than 3 months. One day you can walk in and the couch is on the South wall, and the next it will be on the East wall. My décor styles runs the gambit to Industrial, Traditional and Rustic.

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