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DIY Projects
DIY Projects



Porch & Patio

Porch & Patio
Porch & Patio

Moving the Shed

Moving the Shed 

Moving a shed doesn't have to be a huge project. Using a little ingenuity and two car jacks one person can move a shed using the right materials.

I admit, moving the shed was a touchy subject around my house. When we first bought and put it together, we did not have a fence. So Greg was worried about someone getting into it and he wanted the door visible from the house but he didn't want it in the back portion of the yard.

Fall Garden Tour

Beautiful yard full of gorgeous fall color. Take a zone 5 tour through a beautiful Indiana garden in Fall

The Fall color that northwest Indiana has been getting this year has been just incredible. I have been snapping some photos with my new Canon camera. Yes I bought a new one to accompany my cell phone to just compare and see how good a videographer or photographer I can be.

When I feel like it that is.

How to know when to DIY a Project

DIY a project

How to know when to do a homeowners project yourself or hire a professional.

I had the garage door replaced late this Summer and after the install I saw a few things around the garage that the new door was making look really dated and how long it had been since the trim around the door got a coat of paint.

Halloween Wreath

Adding a seasonal wreath or a holiday one is a statement of your likes and dis likes. It's literally the front door welcome when people come to your home, so it needs to reflect your style.

Fall Front Porch

Fall Decor 2019

Creating a gorgeous Fall porch that's inspiring, classic and easy to do.

It's Fall tour time! A classic black and white color scheme and mixing in my signature favorite color of purple is truly relaxing this time of year. It signifies that a hot season filled with weeds, sweating and having to shave my legs is coming to a close. 

How to use plants for privacy

How to use plants or trees for privacy

How to use Trees or plants for more privacy in your home

Hi friends! I was going to name this post "What to do when you're neighbor is a big jerk" but Google says only 67 million people search for articles like that. 

So I switched it up to how to use plants for privacy. Plus maybe being a little less bitchy about what a stranger does with his own property sounds like I take the high road.

More then I actually do.

Backyard Patio and Garden August Tour

Backyard Patio and Garden Tour

Backyard patio and garden tour in a beautiful Indiana garden with gorgeous year round color.

Hi Garden friends!
Where oh where do I start? I have been wanting to show you all the updates around the yard, but trying to keep it pristine, weed free and free of dog poo is a full time job.

Lake County Indiana Master Garden Walk - House 5

Lake County Indiana Master Garden walk - House 5

Lake County Indiana Master Gardener Garden Walk - House 5 Tour of gorgeous year round color and texture.

Hi garden friends! Well this is it, the last house on the Lake County Garden Tour. If you are a fan of the color red, you are going to love this home. 

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