Monday Scape

I woke up ridiculously early........4:30!

Am I going to start dreaming about tablescapes, now that it's waking me up early? I mean I know I was excited last night about getting my kitchen table cleared off of all the clutter. 

I had piles of glassware, bowls, old tupperware that I gave away either to the thrift store or my sister....but seriously.
Doing a scape was my first thought of the day?!?

Some of the items you may have seen before, some I just haven't blogged about until now. Most of the items shown (except white dishes and the lantern) are thrift store finds.

The House was quiet as everyone is sleeping in, I was trying to be kinda quiet so not to disturb the peace....I like doing scapes as my private time. 

Me time.

Coffee time...still in my pj's....doing what I love.
Finding items that are speaking to me. You've probably heard the voice too....I'll work, I can go there, Chrissy! Me Me Me...I wanna go on the table. 

Take my picture! Take my Picture!!

 The gold glass dish is the only one I have, it was a gift from my MIL ....I've come close to just sticking it in a closet to forget about it...but this morning, no... I'm having quiet time with it calls for a table of one. One egg, 1 piece of toast....and one coffee. All for me.

 Can you smell the coffee brewing? The sun feels great on my skin as I sit and stare out the window...visions of my spring garden going thru my head. What I'm going to plant...more hydrangeas, roses, alliums...

 I'm craving a second cup.....of me time!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come again.

Don't forget to have your time....:-)