Sarcasm and Tulips - A Spring Tablescape

Sarcasm and Tulips-  A Spring Tablescape

I'll show ya my Spring tablescape while I tell ya a quick story about one of my first jobs after moving to the Chicagoland Area

When I moved north to "yankee" territory March of 1999 (I'm from Florida) it was quite a shock... not only to me, but to the people I came in contact with. They were shocked at me!
I say "Ya'll"... 
I won't wear shoes unless absolutely necessary!

Sarcasm and Tulips-  A Spring Tablescape

I am so sarcastic in nature that sometimes I tend to offend people.....unless they have thick skins or a sense of humor like mine. 

So I dialed it down when I went to work.

One of the first jobs I had my boss called me into his office to give me a task and after he was done, I said "Yes sir, will do". He said "you don't have to call me sir". (He said it rather stiffly, like I offended him)

Uhh ok...but that's what people say..I almost asked him "Well what do you want me to call you?" but my brain said to behave, you're in Yankee Territory now.

Sarcasm and Tulips-  A Spring Tablescape

The harder I worked as the weeks went by and the more polite I was.... the more they were suspicious of me. They actually took bets on how long I'd last because my boss was notoriously brutal on employees. I was like number twenty something that he had hired.

 I went home and told Greg "those people are nuts!"

The nicer I am, the more they think I am being a brown noser. All I freaking said was Thank you sir!

He laughed....and he told me to be myself.....

Sarcasm and Tulips-  A Spring Tablescape

Sarcasm and Tulips-  A Spring Tablescape

Yeah right, be myself....that'll get me fired. He said "you'll be fine, trust me".

Uhhh huh...

Sarcasm and Tulips-  A Spring Tablescape

A couple of days later I walked out of my office into a common area and the owner of the company was teasing a male co-worker. They were bantering back and forth about why his estimates to customers were always "light"...about how he had very little hair on top of his head....yada yada yada...
A comment was made to me to join in this "argument"....and the co-worker retorted by saying she's "too damn polite to say anything". (I worked in construction so there is always foul language)

Be myself.....right?
Ohhh goes nothing...

So I walked over to the drafting table, looked at the estimate a full 60 seconds and said "Yeah, your estimate is light, you missed here (pointing to the top) and here (pointing to the bottom of the page) course why wouldn't it be....It's already been decided that you have no hair....AND no ass to go with it".
and I sauntered off....

Sarcasm and Tulips-  A Spring Tablescape

Sarcasm and Tulips-  A Spring Tablescape

To a chorus of male testosterone guffawing.

From that day on I was Gold, Gold I tell you! They said hello to me, ate lunch with me, stopped by my office to chit chat.

Blonde, sarcastic, employee of the month 3 times.


I went home and told Greg, the more crap I give these people, the more they love me. 

Told you they're nuts!!

He just laughed, and told me to put my shoes on so we could go out to eat.

Over 14 Years we've been together and a lot of things have changed thru the years.

But I still won't put my shoes on......

Sarcasm and Tulips-  A Spring Tablescape