New Countertop Dance!

Guess what I got?? Happy Girl Dance......New Counter tops!

Momax Marble and Granite even installed them during the snow storm! We got about 9 inches of snow yesterday....thanks a lot Phil. 

(Doing my impression of Yosemite Sam when he was swearing at Bugs Bunny)

No more black laminate...I would literally spend all day sharing my numerous thoughts on how ecstatic I am...but I have lots to do today.

 The old counter tops actually overhung...overhanged? Ok, overLAPPED the cabinets so I have some slight refinishing to do...but I don't care.
If you see the orange wood....that's the old color. That'll be gone by tonight. This post is going to be high on pics and low on chatter...
One - because I can't stop just standing in my kitchen and staring at it.
Two - It's Wednesday and I always take my Mom in Law to the store(s) for groceries and since she will not be able to get out to do her normal walks today she might appreciate some extra store time for retail therapy.
Three - the more I type the longer I'm away from my new counter tops and I have to leave in like 15 minutes!

Under mount sink... No more using my fingernails to swipe out coffee grounds in the crevices. Deep contented sigh of relief "no more broken/cracked nail" syndrome.

That will save me hours every year! I also bought a smaller one piece sink that has a new seamless more rim there either. Score! Gives a whole new meaning to "right down the drain".

 I am going to be painting the island legs white and the windows and door jambs, but that will happen later.

I managed to put a few items back in my kitchen, but not everything.....the silicone around the sink needs to setup for 24 hours, so tonight hubby will be hooking up the water,the drain and the dishwasher.

OK, I'm off like a broken bulb!