June Garden Tour 2013

Doing yard work 
Ya ever feel like I'm getting too old for this? I cut some peonies from the front yard to enjoy them inside

It filled the living room with such a sweet scent...I wish a genius gardener would come up with a variety that re-blooms all summer.

It's my idea so if you do create a all summer blooming peony...name it after me please, it was my idea.

Here are some pics of the front yard.

Daisy's are getting ready to bloom. The one on the right is Bachelors Button, or in other parts of the country I have seen it called Love in a Mist, it's looking good for its first year, I just bought 2.

Purple columbine...great plant for a shady rock garden

it re-seeds in great places. 

To the right of the sidewalk is a shady spot, it only gets morning sun

I placed a pot in front of my purple sedum, it's a little slower than I'd hoped but maybe it will take off soon.

I started to relocate a hydrangea that always needs a drink to a more shady spot and it dropped 3 little off sprigs, so I planted the off springs and left mama alone until I finish my back yard bed re-do.

That will be a whole other post, 5 hours in and it might take at least 12 more hours. That's where I started saying I'm getting too old for this.

The Lantana is really taking off and behind it you just see another new addition I bought a different variety of hydrangea, an Invincible Spirit, it is going to be a favorite I can just tell!

I stuck my $2 chandy on a shepherd's hook for some height until my sedum takes off.

Why do weeds grow faster than plants? This fern is 3 years old and it just now reached about 11 inches across.

Have you seen that garden sign that says "Grown Dammit". I think that every time I see this fern, lol

My peony bush that I have been clipping blooms from.

One of my favorite peonies

And now for a commercial...
Ok, don't leave, I was kidding! Let's have a look at one of my outdoor pets.

  His name is Jack

This little guy is a pisser let me tell you! Not only does he hog the feeder, but when it turns chilly; he will throw all the bird and squirrel feed out of the feeder until there is just enough room for him to climb inside and close the lid. 

No joke! and when birds come to visit, he pops out of the feeder like a jack in the box...scaring them to death. I love nature! I have watched him do it many times, and I am hoping to catch him this fall on video to share it with you.

Back yard roses are opening up

Oakleaf hydrangea, love this bush. 

In my yard you will notice that I try to mix in a lot of evergreens so in winter I am not looking at dead beds full of nothing. I am quickly learning that they are terrific disease & pest free plants but some can be hard to transplant due to their Hercules root system, and if you know me? 

I move my furniture around inside a lot and I move my plants, there is nothing like buying some new plants so existing ones need a better space.

Well that's it for the garden tour, I hope you enjoyed it and have a great weekend.