Tablescapers Where do we store our Dishes

Ok here is my dirty laundry...ok, not dirty laundry but all my storage for my dishes, knick knacks, candles, etc.... on behalf of The Tablescaper's Party this week....You can click on the link or picture below to be taken to her amazing party.
 You have to look.......I mean it! It's peeking....but with permission!!!

OK, here is mine....keep in mind I am a newbie....I've only been doing this for 6 months...
I have to warn you....this isn't pretty. I am still in the middle of organizing my tablescaping toys and every time I think I am getting close to finishing, I come up with Plan you get to see the reality....
This closet is full of plastic bins which hold plastic fruit, cut up arches of grapevine (which I used on my X-mas tree), about 12 different glass cylinder vases which all I bought for a wedding and gave half also holds a couple of glass pitchers and a whole crap load of glass votives and votive candles...

Napkins and napkin rings are in my buffet...I started (last night!) putting them all in plastic 1 gallon freezer bags to help get them organized and clean....(I have a very large black Sheppard and she loves to share her gift of shedding, so I am at a constant state of world war ....fabric vs dog's defcon 4 over here people!!!

As you can see I have room to grow.....and that I ran out of Ziploc

In this drawer just to keep it off the table for now I shoved 2 depression glass platters...I'm not into my Phase M Platter organization yet....ask me after I have nap...

I have a few napkin rings, but not much...yet! My favorite thrift store always has great table cloths, runners and napkins....but hardly any napkin rings...

and I am notoriously cheap....I have a really hard time paying 5 bucks for one napkin ring at dept. stores...

see below? Room to grow!

More napkin rings and curtain rings...

I am still on the hunt for storage for my latest 2 dish buy for now they're on the buffet.

These cabinets house my everyday go and grab items...

 I have 2 large inset cabinets that are original to the house...they are somewhat kind of hard to use as the depth is hard to reach without being 6 feet tall or on a ladder, but once I get organized I think it will make great Holiday know those things I don't use often enough.

I justified paying a high price for those black chargers on the right hand side from Pier 1 by making them do double duty as wall decoration.

 Right now it houses more candlestick holders, platters, cloches, and some gold depression glass.
You can't really tell but the depth of these 2 cabinets is almost 4 I am having a hard time coming up with good storage ideas so I bought 2 shoe racks to try and help.
Hmmmmm, now that I am looking inside....maybe placemat and charger storage?

Yeah, it is NOT organized right now, half of the stuff that was in here has been moved, so it's chaos around here for me.
I have a floating shelf area next to the back door, I have placemats, lanterns, antique cheese boxes here for decoration but when they bore me I will no doubt find them a new home...Placemats are proving difficult for me to find proper storage....they don't fit in a lot of drawers.

Above my coffee station I store coffee mugs, filters, creamer and plastic cups.

Above the stove I have a few odds and ends

 and cookbooks and spices

My mixing bowl cabinet...also my colanders but right now they're in the dishwasher.


Here are the rest of my dish sets on the bottom shelves of my hallway linen closet. My goal for my dishes is to have them stored in such a way that I do not have to worry about them getting dusty. When I do a table, I want to be able to just grab and go....that's it!...If it's not fun at this point in my life, I won't do it....You MIGHT catch me ironing a napkin....but hand washing just to put on a table just because it sat in a closet...probably not. I'm already dusting enough, believe me!

I have the cream, purple, fiestaware and a ton of thrift store finds in here...and my sets are still growing...I just cant stop buying it.

I am slowly taking over the guest room....but the good thing is I am finding way more places to store stuff!

This dresser is totally empty and just waiting for pretties!

The closet....table runners, table cloths, throws, I am trying to keep them color coordinated and maybe if my selection keeps growing I will mark and tag each one but I only have 2 indoor tables and 1 outdoor, so right now I don't see the point...As soon as I look at it, I know what it is..

Right now on these shelves I just have a few knick knacks and plastic bins that hold vase moss rocks, purple glass beads, clear ones, etc...
The metal basket on the left hand side is my quick has wire, a small glue gun, elmers glue...etc...

 That's it! but when we do this party again....don't be surprised if its grown and changed...

I'm still threatening to take over hubby's hobby room that is full of wonderful drawers, bins and shelves for miles...


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