Predictions & Reflections for Tablescapes

I have made a lot of meals and "scapes" in this kitchen.

When I look back and think about the way it looked when we bought this house

It looked like this (minus the orange and pink wallpaper with huge hydrangeas all over it)

Then evolved to this

(Thank goodness my picture taking evolved too)

To this  

The tablescapes went from this


With some dated windows always in the backdrop

 To this

The Dining Room went from this

 To this!

What's in store for us in 2014?

Well I know a few projects we will be undertaking... (hopefully)

The front porch

I plan on getting some estimates on how much it costs to add a 3 foot extension onto it and add columns and new railings.

The backyard:

We are having an issue with the line from the sump pump freezing in the winter, so re-grading and more dirt is definitely in this blonde's to do list
 plus I'd really like to add a real back patio

you know with a roof and pavers?

and to update the back door with some nice wide trim and a new storm door.

But we'll see what the Great Spirit has in store for us and maybe I can find a compromise:-)

Have a wonderful New Year!