Pallet Wood in the Hallway

With all the rain we have been getting I have been wandering the halls.....Literally! I am noticing things that need some updating. 
Like our little niche in the hallway. 

It was plain and boring with a really ugly brown back to it. The back was like really thin bead board w/o the beads.
So I grabbed some leftover pallet wood and gave hubby the task of nailing it up after I smothered everything in 2 coats of white paint. I didn't even tape the walls as they are going to get hit with paint too.

Sooner if the rain keeps up!
I am also planning on doing the doors & trim but that'll be much later.

I told him not to worry about too many gaps, just fill it up.
Once the shelves are in and pretties added
we won't see the small gaps from imperfect wood
after all
this is a Rustic and Refined Blog

Hubby sanded the old shelves and the color was so close to the pallet wood that all I had to do was add a little distressing.

Which I did by vigorously rubbing hubbys rubber mallet on the wood to give it some black streaks
and one coat of white glaze.

Project done in 4 hours including paint dry time

Here are some finished pictures...

 I'm sure I'll get to the walls and doors later...
I am going through tablescape withdrawal so you'll be seeing one of those real soon!

I appreciate all the patience in the transition this blog has gone through with me adding a new and different comment section....
Now you should be able to say your peace!

The comment section is now working
albeit, only on new posts, but I'll take it.

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