Entryway Update 5.0

I remember reading a blog last year that someone said the following sentence...

"I forgot to show the changes I made"

My first thought was:
I have such a big mouth, that will never happen to me. 

Even at this point, I am rolling my eyes at myself. Guess what I forgot to show you, that I changed. The entryway light fixture!

Never say never....right?

I bet a man made that word up...just to throw something in his wife's face, or mine.




The light fixture was a freebie given to me by my sister. She had it in her townhouse and it was brass, with glass inserts.

I literally see these things in almost every ReStore in town. I ditched the glass and sprayed it black and then hung it.

When she had it taken down she literally thought I had lost my blonde mind when I said I wanted it. Ohhhh yeee of little faith I say!


Better late the never right? Now I know a woman said that!
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