Green and White Tablescape

Green and White Tablescape

I'm not complaining

But it's been raining for 5 days straight
I'm not complaining, because it is better than snow

Green and White Tablescape
I had to get out of the house the other day regardless of the weather
and yes I wore flip flops with the balmy temps of 46 degrees outside
I ignored the cold, the rain

and I especially ignored the looks I got from fellow window shoppers

who were wearing winter coats!

I mean I'm sorry, but don't they live here?

Shouldn't they be used to a little wind and rain by now?

Because I am

Green and White Tablescape
So ok, even if they are not; why the surprised look to see a woman wearing a light jacket and pants (yes pants, not shorts) and flip flops?

Stranger: Aren't you cold?

Me: No not really

Stranger: You're going to get sick....kinda silly to go out wearing those things

Me: I don't think so

Stranger:  Stupid

DING DING DING (Boxing Bell) Game On!

Me: No, stupid is arguing with me when I am standing in the pick axe aisle of Home Depot <laughing at him>

Stranger: Not arguing...just telling you my opinion

Me: Yeah you're right. OH! Here! (Pulling a kleenex out of my purse) You ... uhhh... kinda need... this (handing it to him)

Stranger: Me, why? (starting to wipe his nose, cheeks)

Me: Because you have sh*t coming out of your mouth...(walking away & laughing louder this time) 
Green and White Tablescape
Game Over!
Green and White Tablescape

Green and White Tablescape

I'm a brat I know...

Green and White Tablescape

The green glass apples and peppers below I got at a re-sale shop years ago

The small crab pot is from Tuesday Morning a couple of days ago (they have 3 sizes; all table top size, so go snag some!)

Also you will hopefully notice (cuz hubby didn't) 

I got 2 new white dining chairs and a grey and white rug

I still have the tags on the chairs because I am not sure about them, I may exchange them but I'm thinking on it.

The rug was less than $50 so for now it stays. I really needed something to bring more grey in and anchor my table.

Green and White Tablescape

Green and White Tablescape
I made some strawberry tea for you so, we can chat while we ignore the rain outside and talk about sunnier times and smell the pot roast and potatoes simmering away in the crock pot.
Green and White Tablescape
Green and White Tablescape
Green and White Tablescape
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