Barnwood, Antique Boxes and a Buffet Table


Due to rain, I decided to do a buffet table using antique wood boxes, white pitchers, mason jars and various dishes to show that anyone can style a buffet using things from around the house

Which is good for my chores list!
 7,000 loads of laundry later.....
And good for my Garden too!
I will not complain about it...
Simply because it's less watering I have to do
and after last winters 76" of snow we received.... 
I can handle some rain!
I pulled out some boxes to do this table
An antique toolbox and a sewing machine drawer
and a couple of non descript boxes I found last year...
I love having these boxes sprinkled thru the house
Sometimes they hold books or candles or sometimes I just prop them up and leave them empty.
Seeing this table I am trying to decide what kind of get together to have....
Am I the only one who does the table first then decides on what to cook?
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