33 Stylish Black & White Kitchens add Drama on Hometalk

Rustic0refined.com kitchen board on Hometalk.com

There is something about a kitchen with some color that adds such drama and a look that is never seen before isn't there? Now don't get me wrong, white kitchens can be gorgeous too. But color? Color can really amp it up a bit you have to admit. 

So when Hometalk approached me about curating a kitchen post, I thought what a great way to try and get some white kitchen lovers converted over to the color side of the spectrum.   

So when I started clipping away on Hometalk, I tried to grab every colorful kitchen I found. I found some wonderful ones to choose from, so if you are not on Hometalk...you need to jump board. 

They are a wonderful outlet to share your creativity, DIY projects, and ask questions. Also, for us bloggers, once you start posting some of your projects over there and link it to your blog? You will appreciate the traffic you get and the friends you will make!

We all get stumped from time to time and need some advice, and this is the place to go! Because when you ask a question, you will get an answer. Other home enthusiasts are there just like you, to give advice and support. So you are literally talking to friends. 

Now if you pinned me down and tickled me until I squealed, I would tell you that my all time favorite kitchens are black and white. My second favorite? Grey and White. Know why? They are T-I-M-E-L-E-S-S. 

Timeless without being void of color. 

Below is my kitchen board on hometalk that I have found several incredible kitchens all in one place just for you so please come visit and get inspired!

Hometalk Kitchen Board by Rustic-Refined.com
Rustic-refined Kitchen Board

How would you like to walk into one of these and call it home?

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