Decorating the front porch for Christmas and Outdoor Christmas Lights

Beautiful Holiday Lights outside

Take a tour of my outdoor Holiday Lighting and the front porch decorated for Christmas. 

I used all white lights, including icicle lights and regular string lights.

Every year I try and mix it up a bit. I am always trying to find that one outdoor light plan that just screams
But I also don’t want to go overboard.

The local Electric Company already loves us enough.

To decorate the front porch this year I used black rubber welcome mats (normally for stairs)....they average about 6 bucks each at various home improvement stores. Then I added some metallic holiday signs from Hobby Lobby I bought a few years ago.

I like things that can do double duty and those stair mats....They really pop off the brick wall.

Outdoor Christmas Light Plan

I used simple white lights, icy faux twigs, pine cones and a rustic reindeer for my door wreath...
I also wrapped it with twiggy netting but that doesn't show up at night...

I kept it woodsy and simple

For other holiday touches I added
a rusty crab pot filled with greenery
a holiday sign
a silvery (spray painted) ceramic Santa statue
an old tree topper Santa clause

To copycat Martha Stewart's Holiday Stars, I ordered the wire frames in the shape of stars off of the internet and zip tied rope lighting to it.

Our first year we did this, we put up 3 stars with long tails in a triangle around the tree...

Plus the usual icicle lights and our electric bill was
well.... is $500 a lot?

I don't think rope lighting is very energy efficient...

Below is 2011 showing the 3 stars

Outdoor Holiday Lighting @

Back to today....

I hope you have enjoyed my little outdoor lighting tour .

I hope to have my table set for Christmas Eve Dinner party soon (snort)
So there hopefully will be one more post before the Christmas Holiday

Have a good day!