A Note From Me

I want to do a quick note to everyone letting you know that the link party for Sunday March 8th is cancelled.

I apologize, but Family obligations always come first with me. My Mother In Law took a bad fall earlier in the week and we have been spending as much time as possible with her at the Hospital.

She required surgery for a partial hip replacement and is recovering nicely. We hope that tomorrow or Tuesday we will have more detail on where she will be doing her physical therapy, and she is already asking when she can go home.

The Hospital staff seem extremely surprised to learn that this is her first time ever being in a Hospital with an injury at the age of 73.  Before the fall, she normally walks everyday probably about 1 to 2 miles, so that is definitely working in her favor. Within 12 hours of the surgery she was sitting in her recliner with her Physical and OT Therapist supervising her and evaluating her capabilities.

Going back and forth to the hospital and trying to finish the kitchen reno project has definitely been a challenge, not too mention that I have developed bronchitis. I either caught it from someone or swallowed too much drywall dust sanding all the new walls in the kitchen. LOL

But luckily this morning I woke up feeling much better and seem to even have a bit of energy, so you may be seeing posts from me real soon!

But I hesitate to say I will be back on any specific date, because we all know that we make plans and the Great Spirit laughs doesn't he?

Just know that I miss chatting with you all and hope to be back online blogging soon, posting pictures of my newly renovated kitchen and tablescapes real soon!