How To Turn a Antique Window into Beautiful Fall Salvaged Piece of Art Work

Antique fall window

How to turn a salvaged antique window into a beautiful, rustic fall or autumn piece that can be displayed almost anywhere. 

antlers, chains, burlap fall decor for a salvaged antique window

I decided to try my hand at adding some rustic and even a little bohemian touches to an salvaged window I got last year. I bought the largest size of cup hooks I could find and screwed them into the top. Added long torn up strips of fabric I had and a couple pieces of cut up burlap ribbon.

Decorating for Fall using salvaged antique windows

The 1-1/2” thick rope you see at the top is going to be used to hang this fall window. I have been on the hunt for some for quite some time and really got lucky. They have yards and yards of it at my local Restore! Fifteen cents a foot, compared to over three dollars a foot from a local big box store?

Sold! I bought 20 feet for 3 bucks. I may even go back for more! Its difficult to get a good picture, but all I did was tie a knot in both ends, and inserted inside the cup hook.

fall decorated antique window

When I got every piece of fabric and even some chain just for the heck of it in the cup hook, I used  pair of pliers and squeezed the hook closed.

How to turn an Antique wood window into a beautiful piece of hanging art using rope, antlers, cup hooks, strips of fabric and galvanized metal chain.

The fabric backing is just a cut up piece of painters canvas. I used tacks to hold it in place, so I can change it out if needed. The fall colored letters I got on clearance at my local craft store.

Antlers hanging down….

Yeah you knew that was a given!

Antique windows turned into a beautiful fall piece of artwork

I have one more salvaged window that I am thinking of doing this too. But this time I am thinking of using some rusty metal as a backdrop, or maybe some thin stained piece of wood, instead of leftover fabric. Or maybe even chalkboard paint.

Too many choices!

Now where to put this baby