Front Porch Decorated for Fall

Porch decorated for Fall

Porch decorating ideas for fall

I freely admit I have restyled this porch over 8 times before I was satisfied.

 I have over 100 pictures in folders named trial #1, trial #2……

This year I really wanted to hit it out of the park.

Porch decorated for fall

Not including the straw, mums and pumpkins; everything here is something I already had, except the two chalkboard pictures.

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Fall decor to the front porch

If you look closely I did go overboard just a tad with the chandeliers. I have two on this porch for Fall. One hanging from a plant hanger and the other is mounted on a lamp base which was white, but she got a new paint color for fall.

Fall Decorating

The rusty hanging chandy got some white painted pumpkins and the candelabra one got 3 different colored candles.

I was finally happy to see pumpkins show up in my area. I find it so ironic that stores have Christmas items out, but we can’t get a pumpkin!

And I live deep in corn field country!

I used a large bird cage as a hanging shelf and displayed some fall décor. Some antique boxes beside the rocker can hold a vase filled with hydrangeas.

The purple leaves you saw on the back wall are more of those placemats I got at a Dollar Store. I used a glue gun to tack them in place.

The porch looks a lot bigger now that the front rail is gone. Hubby has the top stair demo’d and will have the bottom one demolished tomorrow.

So not to jinx us, but if all goes well we may have that diy project completed by Sunday. Monday I can maybe get it stained a nice dark brown, weather permitting.

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I am really glad I snapped this pics on Wednesday. Demoing the concrete stair has left my porch covered in white dust.

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The joys of Fall and DIY right?


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Fall front porch idea using rockers, antiques and farmhouse decor