Elegant & Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

Fall Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Using some modern colors I set an easy to do Thanksgiving Tablescape with blues, browns and white dishes.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas using blues and browns

I admit I started using some traditional colors, but once I remembered the cobalt blue stemware I had stashed away

I changed my mind.

Rustic Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

And I am glad I did!

I just love the way the blues and browns are just popping off the table.

I grabbed a rusty homemade orb and inserted some moss and a favorite ceramic bird for my centerpiece. I also filled small bowls with acorns and pumpkins and alternated them on the table for texture and color.

Modern Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

This week I am in prep mode for my Thanksgiving Party. Serving dishes are getting washed. Lists are being crossed off. I have even started on some Christmas Décor in small doses so I am ahead of the game next month.

Large pine cones sitting inside some antlers, brown candles

How to set an inexpensive table for thanksgiving

Simple and Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

I am loving the color of this table and how it is so simple

and not fussy

That seems to be my theme this year.

Cheap and Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Easy Tablescape ideas for Thanksgiving Holiday

Quick and easy tablescape ideas for Thanksgiving Holiday

Elegant and easy tablescape ideas for Thanksgiving Holiday

I am starting to think blues and browns may be the way to go for the Thanksgiving Holiday Table.

Have a great day everyone!


Quick and Easy Tablescape Ideas

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