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DIY Projects

DIY Projects
DIY Projects

Gardening on a Budget

Gardening on a Budget - A look back to 2009 to 2016

When I first started gardening, my budget amount was equal to the cost of one meal for 5 at my local family restaurant. 

Less than $100 for the entire Gardening Season.

Spring Tablescapes in Review - 15 Different Table Ideas

15 Different Spring Tablescape Ideas for your home.

Since Spring is right around the corner, I decided to take a look back at my Spring Tablescape Collection and how things have changed.

Pretty Spring Table Setting

Pretty Spring Table Setting. Adding those touches of the Spring Season around the house and starting with a tablescape.

Spring Home Decor for the Dining Room, a pretty Spring Tablescape.

Rustic Tablescape for Spring

Tablescape for any season on a industrial dining table for that mix of rustic and modern decor

I am forcing Spring to hurry up around my house. So I played with a tablescape in the Dining Room using some farmhouse yet rustic touches, along with roses that I have been wanting to play with.

Adding Touches of Spring Around the House

Spring Decor around the home

Spring Home Decor around the house. Adding bright cheery color for Spring

Rustic and Farmhouse touches in the entryway or foyer, plus touches of purple and pink really add that touch of Spring to my home.

Know why?

Rustic Farmhouse Table Centerpiece

Setting a farmhouse or rustic style centerpiece for the dining or kitchen table

Creating a rustic farmhouse centerpiece for my dining room table.

With all the tiny diy projects going on around my house, as well as "the banning the clutter" mission I am on, I need something rustic and pretty to keep me focused.
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