Backyard Fencing Ideas

Fence ideas for the DIY homeowner

Have you ever started dreaming of a landscape project and your budget didn't match up to your dream?

Backyard fencing inspiration for the the DIYer.

Well you know me. I am going to get what I want, even if I had to do it in stages. 


Hate that word, but what's a blonde to do when she gets hit with reality? Well I yell at it and try to figure out a way to get what I want. I cry, yell, plot. Draw sketches, I do almost anything but go on Pinterest. I have learned that Pinterest makes me mad.

People not "linking" the photo correctly, or when they are? The ideas are so far fetched or expensive, I wonder how in the world does the average middle income family afford these projects.

Without taking out a home loan? Which we refuse to do. I don't like paying people interest. Especially when I live in reality.

Reality of thousand dollar plumbing issues, or the high cost of emergency vet bills, broken down SUV's and Hospital visits.

Thats reality. 

So, to go into a "loan" with the thought of: "Oh I will have THAT paid off in no time" is unrealistic when you live in my house.

It's easier for me to articulate into formable words what I don't want, rather than what I do. I know "Pressure Treated" is what I don't want.

Yeah they're inexpensive and a DIYer's dream.

But after 2 years they look like some sort of gremlin has slimed them with a bad stain color, that only a "Pressure Treated" Mother could love.

I'd rather have something like the choices I am showing you here.

Fence ideas for the DIY homeowner
Landscape Network - Fence Design Ideas

These designers know how to do a fence! 

A Gabion fence? Makes my mouth water and my heart flutter like the 1st time I kissed my Husband. But the cost?

Makes me cry. 

Gabion Fence Ideas for a trend setting idea in a backyard
Source - Gabion Fence
Cedar seems to be the better choice over pressure treated. So I am currently in a time warp state, waiting on estimates from Fencing Contractors.

Privacy fence ideas using metal or cedar
Source - Garden Structures Wood Fence Trellis Ideas

I would love a combo of steel and cedar. That would look like no fence in my neighborhood! 

Plus the benefit of making my blonde heart skip a beat every time I am in my backyard.

Privacy fence ideas using metal or cedar
Source - Home Improvement Pages Color Bond Fencing

I am also loving the darker colors or stains being used for fencing. Who doesn't think black or slate grey is dramatic?

Fencing ideas for the backyard that use cedar, steel, gabion for inspiration.
Source  COMQT | Best Inexpensive Fence Ideas

Or steel, I love steel. 

Fencing ideas for the backyard that use cedar, steel, gabion for inspiration.
J Peterson Garden Design | More Creative Fence Ideas

Now you know me. I could hop in hubbys big white truck on 32" tires and scour Illinois and Indiana for enough pallet's to do a rustic backyard fence. But let's be real for a minute. Is that really going to save me from having to redo it in 5 or 7 years? 

Pallet wood for those of you who don't know, is NOT good quality wood. It is not meant to last. It's not meant to be stained, or used as "function" for the next 10 years. Plus, as a fence? MHO - it looks cheap. I may have to live cheaply, but I don't want to prove it every day in my backyard.

Steel fences look more like Art when done properly.
Fencing ideas for the backyard that use cedar, steel, gabion for inspiration.
Source - J Peterson Garden Design | Creative Fence Ideas

But for now, it's a waiting game. If for some reason you hear a loud thud, like Indiana just got hit with a bomb or earthquake?

That was me getting my first fence estimate.