How to Add touches of Rustic Around the House

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How to add touches of rustic to the home.

I've been wanting to write this for awhile and just finally ignored everything on my to do list so I could

Everyone's definition of rustic seems to be slightly different and mine is no exception. So here is my opinion on how to add touches of rustic to your home.


Anything galvanized. Above I used a chicken feeder in my front entry, an antique door and metal lantern to add a rustic touch.

Below is a recent picture, it's the one clean spot in my LR

Olive buckets

I still drool for olive buckets and buy every large one I see. So far I have two. Both found on the same day, same town, but different antique stores. I paid $60 a piece and still use them inside and outside.

Below is my entry from last year. A bench, an antique door, plus a barnwood sign

if that's not rustic I don't know what is.

Rustic Foyer or entryway decorating.

 Below is an old shot of my Dining Room buffet table, which has long since been relocated to another room.

But again, anything galvanized. I use this rusty piece for decor and hope to use it for a huge flower vase this year, soon as flowers start showing up outside.

I believe it is an ice cream churn. 

I paid $2.00 for it at a garage sale

for that amount of $$ I knew I could find a way to use it!

Another current shot of my LR

only showing the clean part

I just relocated the furniture again and I'm still tweaking things, but I figured I could show you my coffee table

I always have a old barn hook somewhere around my house.

 I have been trying to get my LR together to do a 2016 spring post.

I get close
close to it being mopped, swept and dusted

Then the dog enters
or hubby comes home
and everything changes

The dog seems to think he is the decorator of the house lately.

He keeps removing my pillows off the furniture.

Maybe in his male canine brain they look better on the floor?
 But if he chews one up, let me tell ya
he'll be gumming his food for the rest of his 4 paw'd life

Below - anything antler

even a metal deer head

How to decorate a corner of a room.

An old shot from 2013 or 2014

Pallet wood

I only use it for decorative purposes, especially when "G" brings home a good pallet that hasn't been chemically treated.

I had him make me 2 table runners. 1 is on the wall, the other on the buffet.

 Below is a more current shot of my DR, except it has the new curtains and some artwork tweaks
but again

antlers and metal

Dining room decorating

 and rope

rope to me, says rustic

Rustic tablescape using farmhouse items.

 Wrought iron, barn wood and chippy things.

Someone needs to write a country song about those 3 things

It'd be a hit!

Entryway decorating.

 Metal baskets

I love metal baskets

Decorating with books.


Orb you glad I showed you this picture from a couple of years ago?

Hey, I didn't say I could work the comedy circuit

Rustic decorating around the home.

Using antique crab pots in decorating.

 We put one barn pulley on the wall and looped one long piece of rope in it, and called it a day last year

and I am happy to say I still love it in the Dining Room, so it's still there!

Adding touches of rustic decor around the home.

I hope you enjoyed my definition of Rustic and the quick look around my home.

Hugs to you and yours!