Decorating the Garage Exterior with an Arbor

Garage Arbor

I am always looking for ways to update my home. Inside and outside. Our garage's exterior is no exception. 

I came across the idea of a garage arbor about a year ago and to be honest? I am still trying to convince "G" that making one would really amp up our simple plain jane garage.

So I decided to put together a few inspirational ideas of my own. Hopefully seeing these will change his mind! No this is not a sponsored post, it's just this blondes way of saying 

"Dear Husband, I think you're wrong".

You can click on the captions below the photos for the original source of where I found my inspiration.

DIY Garage door trellis curb appeal
Cedar Two Door Garage Arbor

Curb appeal - garage arbor
Garage Trellis

This one below has a tutorial, it seems so easy to follow that I want to go buy the supplies and drag "G's" table saw outside and start cutting!

DIY Garage door trellis curb appeal
DIY Trellis | Arbor Over the Garage

I love the beefiness of this one. It looks so sturdy you could sit up there.

Garage door cedar trellis
Arbor Photo Gallery

Now you know I love metal, so if budget weren't an option? I'd definitely go with steel! Maybe not a scroll design, but definitely metal.

cedar arbor - curb appeal
Cedar Arbor | Curb Appeal

I am liking each one, for the curb appeal they bring. Now I just have to convince the man who is going to build it for me.

Or build it myself