Summer Decor on the Porch

Porch decorating for the summer

Picnic ideas for summer

Adding summer decor to my front porch and a picnic for the birds for fun.

You won't even need to grab your favorite beverage, I have pink lemonade all set for you. Plus some delicious apples and bird seed if you're hungry. 

Small porch decorating ideas

 It still makes me smile 

seeing how much bigger this porch looks with the diy projects we have done to it. Taking out the old stairs and rail and adding the beefy cedar column has added such life to this once dated shady spot.

To see how we took out the old stairs and added new ones you can read

and to see how we covered the old dated wrought iron column for very little money you can read 

Southern porch decor

 Doing this made this previously small space, which was barely big enough for a bistro table and chairs, much more enjoyable.

The stairs are wide enough for two more people to sit on, and there are cushions and pillows, should you desire a softer seat.

Both in the rockers or on the steps.

Summer picnic ideas

Porch Decor Ideas for Summer

We've got some new pillows on the scene. I went on the hunt looking for some soft blue ones. I wanted to add some coolish tones to this shady spot and of course I had two big beautiful paisley pillows in my cart.

Then I spied these:

Modern Pillow for the front porch

 The blue ones would have also been perfect, but you've seen the inside of my home right?

I don't decorate using blue anywhere in my home. Maybe that needs to change, but the greys, purple, browns and whites will have to be satisfied with these.

These can go in almost any other room, after they have spent time on the porch. 

Porches with rocking chairs on them decorated for summer

Patio decor ideas for summer

Everything else on the porch I already had. From the shrimp pots to the galvanized lanterns.

Summer decorating ideas

Decorating ideas for summer porches

Later in the afternoon we can add some "spirits" to the lemonade and make it a party on the porch.

Decorating ideas for summer porches

Rustic decorating ideas for summer

No shoes required.

Picnic ideas for summer

Have a great day!


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