Bringing the Outdoors in to Entertain Guests

Summer Tablescape Ideas

Summer Tablescape

When the weather is gorgeous outside, but raining off and on?

What's a gal to do!

So I brought plants inside to have the best of both worlds!

Summer Tablescape

Tablescape for summer or fall

Outdoor tablescape

With Caitlin being home, things have been kinda busy around here. She likes to take her time to unpack, plus she had boxes and boxes of books stored in our basement.

So she has been busy going through all her treasures and getting her room just right.

green and white tablescape

Entertaining dinner guests

I had hoped to have family over for dinner, but best laid plans right? Oh well, maybe next weekend. We did manage to get some gardening done. Caitlin loves spending time in the yard like I do, so maybe in a couple of days I can show you the backyard garden bed.

We knocked out the weeding pretty quick, I was surprised!

white and green table

The funny thing is I started decorating her room in Bohemian style, but she is not really feeling it.

What's a Mom to do? On the one hand I say well, this is just a stop on the way to her getting her own place again, so she can deal with it.

Then the Mom in me says to not be so stiff and let her make it her own, and I can put the Boho back when she moves out.

Decisions, decisions!

Rustic Tablescape

I'll let you know, as soon as I do!  LOL

Right now I am just THOROUGHLY enjoying the help with moving plants and pulling weeds!

Quick and easy entertaining


Using plants, a bohemian table runner and lots of texture, so you can entertain your family or guests quickly and easily.