Purple and White Tablescape

Chase Away Winter Blue

Hi Friends,

I don't know about you, but I feel the need to stay positive and chase away some winter blues with some color, texture and good old fashioned music how about you?

I will give ya'll a quick update on how I've been feeling at the end of this post, but for now let's have some purple shall we.

Purple & White Tablescape for Winter time blues

The sun has disappeared around here for two weeks now, so I am looking for ways to stay bright and sunny when there isn't any sunlight.

Greenery and purple always do that for me.

Winter Tablescape using gorgeous color and texture to drive the blues away.

I read all these blogs trying to get inspired, and they are all saying the same thing.

Cozy and warm, neutrals, texture. Blah blah blah. Ok I need some color. You want me to feel bright, cheery and all gooey all over?

Then let's skip the browns and grey's today. Because that's all we're seeing outside.

Tabletop Entertaining Ideas with Lots of Color

Dinner Table Setting Ideas

If I could have gone to the store for fresh flowers today?

I definitely would have. I am pondering on just giving Greg a directive that he is not to come home tomorrow without some.

Any color tulip or pink roses will suffice.

Creative Ideas for Placemats on the Dinner Table

And please make it a lot of them!

Unusual Ideas for Placemats - Use a wreath to add height, color and texture.

Winter Tablescape using purples and white.

I almost want to see what curtains I can swap out in here for more color, but I don't want to be too hasty.

Maybe just switching out some artwork in here will help.

Dinner Table Setting for a Winter Table

Simple and pretty tablescape using purple and white.

Or maybe the feeling will pass. But if not, don't be surprised if you see a little refresh coming to the dining room.

Tabletop Decor Ideas for Setting the Table

Ok, update on me. For those of you that don't know shortly after the Holidays were over, I contracted Pneumonia.

This is the very first time I have ever been that ill ever. When I was admitted into the hospital they were clearly worried as my temperature was 103. Also on top of the Pneumonia I have sinusitis and my menstrual period as well.

So I am getting nailed on all 3 quadrants of my poor body. The were initially worried about fever and my breathing, which was pretty hard to listen too. The only way I can explain is is to tell you to wrinkle up a potato chip bag and that's what it sounded like when I exhaled. Yeah, it was bad. 

Also worrying about blood clots the doc put me on a blood thinner, which triggered an onslaught of Menorrhea. (my period). Not knowing that I had a tubal ligation many many years ago, the blood thinners started to cause me to have such an extreme
loss of blood so fast, that I became anemic in a matter of hours. Short of breath, fast heartbeat, low blood oxygen levels. The whole nine yards!

After talking to the wonderful Nurses who also have had tubal ligations and experience much of the same symptoms, I communicated with the doctor that we needed to discontinue with the blood thinners pretty quickly or start giving me blood. 

It has definitely been a learning experience as how to talk about my symptoms, pains, etc. It also has shown me that especially when you are at you're lowest, you are still going to have to find the strength to push.

I mean push for attention, push for communication. It was so easy to just sit back and let the wonderful nurses take care of my needs. But they can't do my talking for me. 

One doctor I had (who will not be back on my charts anytime soon) Dr. Kevin, was a total ass. He was filling in for my primary doctor and had his face planted into his damn phone the whole time.

Being in the hospital a couple of days I learned quickly to say to anyone when they walked in my room:

Hold on please, let me turn my TV down, or stop whatever I was doing, eating etc...and I would in one sentence explain I cannot hear you, I have an extreme sinus infection. My hearing is at 30% of what it normally is. Now you have my full attention.

Because they would just walk in and start talking like I was staring at the door, waiting for them to start talking. The other issue I had was no one carries business cards anymore. Having never had to take prescription medicines before, you can imagine how high I was on on steroids and drugs. And still am to be honest! So when I have several coming in and out of my room, not too mention x ray techs, blood techs and I can't even remember who else. All I could think was how am I supposed to remember any of this.

It's quite overwhelming and for a woman who barely gets the sniffles, was and still is a pretty tough experience. Dr. Kevin was told three times that I couldn't hear a word and that I wanted him to check my ears. But he couldn't seem to stop staring at his phone.

I almost had to get out of my bed and chase him down the hall to get him to do it. So needless to say I politely instructed him to go be a plant doctor, not one to humans. If I have to do my part and take your crappy med's then you can do your part and listen to me when I say "Can you check my ears".

As it stands right now, my follow-up doctor visit with my primary, went well. I have an OB/GYN coming up to deal with my gynie and anemia issues. So I feel like I have a good game plan and am slowly getting back on track.

One last thing, I never discussed it, just because it never really came up. But you are now talking to a former smoker.

When I got admitted into the hospital, they started giving me a nicotine patch to help and this is something I have thought about for some time now.

And it was definitely time. I am not going to lie, it is harder than I thought. Especially being on my computer. I am currently working on changing my daily routine, my habits and even where I normally sit while watching TV or blogging. But I am determined to do it. 

My body may want that damn cigarette but my heart wants me to quit.

So I am listening to my heart on this one. I want to thank everyone for their love and support, it means so much!