Winter Tablescape to warm up the Dining Room

Winter Decor | 

Casual yet pretty winter tablescape for entertaining everyday.

Winter is definitely here with the temps dropping down to a blistery twelve degrees. So warming up my dining room seemed to be on my mind today.

Adding some fluffy texture and especially fresh flowers.

Casual dinner place setting for entertaining.

So when I spied a simple yet pretty bouquet from Costco, I treated myself and brought it home.

Winter inspired decor

Knowing I had these babies in the back of my car made the chilly weather go away.

Plus it also started my list brigade. You know the ones.

The ones I keep making and hope to get done. This one is a list of evergreens and flowers for a new garden bed in the backyard, so I can have a cutting garden year round. All kinds of soft and colorful evergreens. And maybe even some gladiolus and pretty ranunculus. Or anything else ending in an "us". 

Cuz ya'll know me, soon as it doesn't perform to my standards I'll be giving it a cuss and digging it out. 

Winter Decor

Adding eclectic decor in the home for coziness.

Tablescape using white dishes for a winter decor idea diy

White table setting idea to entertain guests.

I am counting the days til I can be back outside. I am anxious to see if all my hard work paid off moving all those hydrangeas and daisy's.

Plus the 50 or so tulip bulbs I planted!

Winter time to do lists for the diy junkie

So being that anxious I had to make another list. This one is a "let's get this done before Spring" and I am back outside where I belong.

Like Painting. I want to repaint the Kitchen and Dining Room before Spring. Plus every  interior door we have. All the doors are still old slightly yellowed hollow core doors that are original to the house.

They need a new color in their life.

Decorating for Winter time to add warmth and texture.

Home decor inspiration to cozy up the dining room for winter.

Cozy Dining Room with Winter Decor

That's my wish list for these chilly weekends that we really don't feel like battling snowy roads or bad weather.

Winter White tablescape

Dining Room cozied up for winter weather.

Here's to having just enough blistery temps to get it done and a quick return to Spring!


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