Spring Living Room Tour

Living room decor ideas

Mixing modern and farmhouse style for a gorgeous living room
Warm weather is hitting my area and in the garden I am seeing tiny little signs of spring popping up all over the place.

So it's time to let it pop up in my living room too.

Come on in :-)

Modern and farmhouse decor ideas

For the wall hutch I took out a lot of the metallic colors. The golds and silvers, and changed it out for greens, pinks, and yellow.

Living room

Hi my name is Christine and I am completely out of my comfort zone on this one.

There's pink in my living room!

Living room style tips

and yellow.

Living room decorating ideas

I have never used yellow before. I have added tiny, and I mean tiny touches of pink before, but it was in my entryway and I had a lot of browns and blacks with it.

So I am not too sure how long the pink brigade is going to hang out in my living room.

Living room decorating ideas

It's just that every time I walk in, I really SEE the pink.

It literally jumps out at me, so I am deciding whether that's good
or bad for the next couple of days.

Living room decorating ideas

Farmhouse Living room decorating ideas

I also added spring touches by just using the colors I associate with spring.

Oranges, greens purples.
Those say spring to me.

Spring decor ideas

Rustic Living room decorating ideas

Spring Living room decorating ideas

Modern Living room decorating ideas

I tried not to go to "bunny crazy", because, well the bunnies have to get stored when I am tired of them.

Living room decor

But two little moss covered bunnies followed me home. Those were just too cute to pass up.

I found those at Michael's Craft Store, on sale of course.

Living room decorating ideas

I am still loving the wall hutch, but I have been thinking on moving it.

Don't tell Greg yet, he had a rough day at work poor thing. The top of his head will come off.

How to add spring decor

Oh don't worry  I will tell him. 

Right after I start my car to go buy him some $300 dollar tool or something.

Living room ideas

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