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Huge style in a small entryway

Remember the industrial hutch we made  that used to be in the living room?

Well guess what I missed and put back up.

Entryway idea

We did have to shorten the length of it. As it turns out the old 8-1/2 foot length made it hard to re-home somewhere else.

Entryway decorating idea

There were only two other walls where it would fit, but neither were where I wanted it.
So Greg made it 5-1/2 feet wide and we hung it in the entry.

It works extremely well. Before when it was behind the couch, it looked stunning but the only way to style it was to get up on the couch. To refresh your memory, here it where it used to be:

Which I after a while, I really didn't like, hopping up on the cushions just to decorate.

Storage idea for an entryway

How to add storage in a small confined space with a lot of design style.

Now I can fill it up with baskets to hold leashes, car keys and I may even hang some hooks for coats.

If you'd like to know how we built this in the beginning you can read How to build your own wall hutch.

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Plus as you can clearly see in some of my photos, Blitz doesn't mind it either.

Decorating a small entryway or foyer

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