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Creative uses for an old chandelier; turn it into garden art

The garden art chandelier I designed has been updated to have character, lighting and plants. Plus a little surprise. Some of the parts are interchangeable!

But I am not so sure that I like the small lanterns. I think they are missing the mark. I think the solar lights would look better where they are and maybe I need to find something different or do more plants.

So please tell me what you think, while I tell ya about it.

Creative uses for an old chandelier

 When Greg and I worked on this, I knew I wanted the chandelier arms broken up into three different categories and sections. I didn't want to just add all lights, or all plants. I also wanted some of the decor, no matter what I added, to be interchangeable.

If at all possible.


Well I think we are pretty close. The plants are inserted into old frosted globes from an old chandelier that I hated. The globes are secured in the cups of the chandy arms, with black silicone we had on hand.

So they're permanent. 

The frosted glass actually hides the dirt and plant roots, so score one for Greg's idea to use them.

Do It Yourself Garden Project

I knew I wanted solar lights, but I didn't know for sure where I wanted to put them. Either mixed in with the plants, or up higher on the smaller chandy arms.

Amazing Garden Art for the do it yourself guru!

The solar lights are only secured in the metal cups using, get this....


Score one for the blonde for that idea. They can be moved or changed out!

Gardening Project

The small white lanterns however, are not cutting it. So since those two are being held in place with magnets, they will probably go. Fall is right around the corner and pumpkins would look much better. I also have visions of 6" Christmas trees for this piece too.

What do you think?

Chandelier Makeover

Just in case you like the idea of interchangeable decor in your outdoor chandelier, I found the magnets at Home Depot and they are the magnets about the size of a quarter. Dirt cheap, I think I paid 1.50 for 4? I also bought the magnet tape which has sticky tape on one side for maybe 4 bucks? That's how the lanterns are being held down. 

For the solar light, I glued the round magnets to the bottom of the deconstructed light base.

Easy peesy.

Garden Art using a flea market chandelier

The plants I used for this is some creeping jenny. It will require watering every day, but for the look?

It's worth it.

Yard Art

I hope you liked it and feel inspired to add some sort of art project to your garden and I'd love to hear what you think.

Garden Art for Flowerbeds; adding that architectural element to the garden.