Dinner Time Table Setting

Table Setting Ideas for a Dinner Party

Hi Guys, well as promised here are the dishes I found when we went to IKEA. I felt inspired to set a casual table setting for dinner.

Even though most nights it's just the two of us, I wanted to set the table for 6 just to get the full effect of the pretty dishes I bought.

Dinner time table setting

It has been quite a while since I bought some dishes I almost don't know what to do with myself. I have spent money all summer but it has been on the backyard, the flower beds.  Lavender, hydrangeas, old galvanized tubs for containers.

You name it!

Dining Room Table Setting Idea

 So it was definitely kinda strange walking inside an air conditioned store for over an hour, unlike outdoor garden centers, and just meandering.

Shopping haul at ikea

The black napkins were a HomeGoods purchase two years ago. The candles, ferns and votives are all discount stores and thrift store purchases.

The flowers I picked from the front yard.

Casual farmhouse dining table ideas

After digging in the dirt most of the afternoon, it occurred to me I hadn't been doing a lot of flower arranging.

Rustic Tablescape

So I had to quickly rectify that.

Summer Tablescape

 For this flower arrangement I cut sedum, hydrangeas, russian sage and a dark purple annual that I cannot remember the name of.

Dinner Table Ideas

 I almost didn't buy the plates. Greg was with me and he never says anything, but I sometimes have a hard time shopping when he is watching.

Especially when he makes a face when I grab a shopping bag or cart.

It's like I just rang the shopping bell and he's eyeing the exit door like it's time to make a run for it.

Table setting

 He hates IKEA because it is usually pretty crowded. Crowds are not things he can deal with. But this trip actually wasn't crowded at all, so we had a good time.

Ikea shopping

So good in fact I may drive the hour away without him and go again. That way I can meander longer.

Tablescape for casual entertaining