Yard Art - Trash to Treasure

yard art 

Yard art - trash to treasure in the garden

Hi guys. 

I thought I'd share another yard art project that we did for our front yard. Yard art is one way I like to add that artistic touch in my yard.

Especially with chandeliers I have scrounged from flea markets or thrift stores.

This particular chandelier used to look like this:

Now I loved it, don't get me wrong. But I was starting to feel like I was just a chandelier mover. It kept getting moved out of the way, but not used.

So that told me it was time for a re-do.

Something a little more rustic. So when we had to move a large bird feeder from a flower bed, I took that opportunity to talk to my welder guru Greg and he welded a piece of steel tubing to the bottom of the chandelier so it could be inserted into the large stake we had, where the bird feeder used to be. 

Yard art - trash to treasure in the garden

How to make yard art

Luckily, the square tubing fit perfectly between the bolts that are holding the swing arms of the chandelier.

So this project took less then one hour to do. The old light fixture was actually spray painted white and if we had been videoing this, you would have seen it actually catch on fire while Greg was welding it. 

Seeing as paint is flammable, I don't know why I was surprised. But I went with it, because it actually gave me an idea.

I wanted the nice clean crisp paint finish to go away. This was supposed to be a rustic art project.

Yard art - trash to treasure in the garden

 So after we got it welded up with a steel base, we torched it.


Distressing a chandelier

Yard art - trash to treasure in the garden

It looks a lot rougher now and I actually like it. One good winter and we will definitely see some rust on it.

 To decorate it I am seeing using a couple of things. I could go all solar lights, but that says "expected" to me. 

Know what I mean? Seen it a hundred times.

So I am pondering a cross between solar lights, pots and maybe candles?

Yard art - trash to treasure in the garden

As handy as Greg and I are as a team, we can pretty much fabricate whatever my blonde brain can come up with.

So I am just trying to feed the gerbils in my brain, so they come up with something good!

Flea Market Gardening

 I am also seeing some chains hanging from this or swagging from arm to arm? Or some little metal figurines, birds or squirrels?

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Flea Market Gardening - Yard art

Flea Market Gardening - Yard art

Have a great day!

Flea Market Gardening - Yard art