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Planting perennials in the garden on a budget.

Hi guys!

I am jumping right in to showcase a couple of quick changes I made in the garden. Just in time for Fall.

But next year this Ivory Halo Dogwood and the Ornamental Chives will be pure delight for this gardener!

I did make a blonde mistake though. I took a gazillion shots to see if the placement was good on these new additions, but not a single one as soon as I got them planted.

 Guess I had a brain fart or maybe I did and lost the pictures. I got shots of them in the ground but the color has long since faded unfortunately.


But I am sure you get the idea. Besides, the Dogwoods I got, are really stealing the show here.

This is a full sun spot, but always seems kinda dark to me. Well not anymore, the variegated leaf color on this shrub is car stopping gorgeous!

The dogwoods should get around 5 feet or so but I plan on keeping them on the short side. The hydrangea has already been scooted over to give its roommates more space.

Dogwood Shrub


I did remember to record the plant tag. Which is my new thing I am doing with all plant tags. It is really helping me also, when I am blogging about the plant I have a really good reference for name and requirements.

And the squirrels can't steal these.

 I planted some more ornamental chives in the middle of the bed, these I found at Home Depot and are slightly lighter in purple color but they are still gorgeous none the less. Ya'll know how much I love my Allium bulbs that are late Spring bloomers well these should take over after those are long gone.

So color me happy.

Ornamental Chives

The rock border is still giving me grief, by still sitting on top of the soil. We have had very little rain this season, so if we get another mild winter I will half dig these babies into the ground.

That will make them look a bit more realistic.

I have also been doing some other moving on the other side of this front bed, but thought I'd keep things kinda short, so stay tuned for more!