Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorating outside the home is a bit more challenging to me. I always face a few dilemmas that if I don't tackle them, they irk me.

The first one is I am not a blow up doll person as far as holiday decorating goes. My kids are grown and even if they weren't

I still would not buy blow up decorations. They are cute and all, but my style is bit more adult. They just are not my style. If you have ever seen a 100 deflated Christmas elves all laying flat in someone's yard, you probably understand. It looks like some kind of comical holiday massacre. Hey! Now that would be a fun holiday vignette for men wouldn't it?

Imagine 20 or so, deflated reindeer with a giant G.I. Joe pointing a plastic rifle at them. Or an Elmer Fudd statue dressed in camouflage going hunting.

Now that's an idea for the backyard A holiday hunting spree.

I like my decor to look good in the daylight as well as nighttime. That's a huge challenge to me. Greg and I have found a couple of tricks a long the years and each year we get even better. At least I think we do.

For example; did you know that tan outdoor extensions cords almost look like the mortar between the bricks and will almost fade away both night and day? We tested out that theory and it works really well. Plus it was cheaper then hiring an electrician to install electrical boxes underneath the gutters.

Hey men who run this world, start putting electrical boxes where people hang lights. If women ran the world we'd already be doing this.


diy christmas project

You'll notice our metal trees look a tad different. The previous one was a test and it turned out good, but admittedly; this version came out much much better.

Greg's idea, but don't tell him I am gushing over them. His ego is big enough already.

You can go back and see the first version here if you missed it.

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Christmas decorations for outside

 If you guys want,  leave me a comment asking how to make the metal tree's, I will crank out a diy post on them. The tools you'd need are a drill, a cutting tool to cut sheet metal. Large tin snips would work, but cutting (the sheets) alone, would take you an hour. A grinder will do, screws and some square metal tubing and a few pieces of rebar and you are good to go. 

And they can be taken apart for storage. You could also just cut the tree form and screw it into a large wooden stake to put into the ground. No metal tubing required.

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Decorating for Christmas Outdoors

I'm currently tweaking the front porch. I am hopeful that I will be able to share that later this week.

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations

All we need now is some snow snow snow!

Ho Ho Ho!