Christmas Decor In the Entryway


Decorating the entry for Christmas is one of those rooms that I find so much fun to do. It is also the second thing my guests usually see, next to the outdoor Christmas lights.

I am keeping the decor somewhat simple and not too much fuss going on in the shelving unit.

Modern Rustic Christmas Decor

 I found some snowy swags and a matching wreath for  a decent price, so I added them to our decor. Which I am constantly trying to keep updated and fresh each year by adding a few key pieces.

These are it. Plus the metal orb I found on clearance. I think it used to have a glass globe in it for a candle. But for ten bucks ?

Yeah she came home with me, once I stood in the aisle for 20 minutes contemplating whether or not to buy it.

Entryway decor

Entryway decor

 I placed the orb with a wreath on top of a antique bucket and then scrounged around the house to find something flat and small enough to provide a good base to place a few candles.

Dishes wouldn't work, they all were either the wrong size or not flat enough.

Go figure. I finally used a small round mirror I had tucked away.

Christmas decor in the entryway

Entryway or Hallway decorated for Christmas

You know me and orbs. That's an obsession for another time.

Christmas Decor


Rustic Christmas Decor

I hope you are enjoying this season with loved ones and all done with your shopping.

Stay tuned for the dining room and kitchen. I am putting the final touches on those two rooms this week.

Merry Christmas!