Dining Room - adding winter warmth

Hi Friends! It's been awhile, I know. 

The dining room has seen some artwork changes that I am thrilled to show you, so pull up a chair and let's catch up while I share the updates to this room.

 I got hit with a case of bronchitis this past week that has had me down for the count. I am taking my medicine and trying to get plenty of rest.

And it has helped. Luckily it did not hit me until after my son and his darling girlfriend left.  Greg and I were able to just focus on them and everyone had a ball. We played "Cards against Humanity", we ate out and it was amazing!

After all the greenery from the holidays was taken down, and our Indiana temps dropped down to single digits, I needed to find up ways to warm up my dining room.

Now I added the usual pillow(s) and a throw, but for me it wasn't enough. I needed something that spoke from the heart.

Something a lot more personal.

That my friends, is my all time hands down absolute favorite picture ever. 

I had it printed on metal! 

Nations Photo Lab contacted me asking me if I would like to work with them and after reading their site, I saw many ways they could make me happy. So I had to narrow it down, because believe me I can go crazy! I could not stop thinking of this shot of the Beach at Indiana Dunes.

Not only is it a picture of a beach which always makes me happy, but it has snow mixed in to the sand. It is is shot this past winter right as the temperatures dropped to a balmy 5 degrees. The snow on the sandy beach is just captivating, and bonus..... it is just miles away from my house!

What better way to add texture and warmth then to use a photo that is of your own neighborhood. Once I saw this metal sheet with my printed picture, I knew I would be able to integrate this into my decor very easily. It is so stylish and modern, it would fit perfectly in any room.

The texture it gives off for this room is wonderful. When I walked in this room on a dark and dreary winter day it still makes the room shine!

It bounces light around like a mirror. I am completely impressed and also shocked. This artwork is completely metallic and not at all heavy.

I have this hanging with one nail! You do not even need any fancy closure and wire strung along the back because of the weight. 

It is lighter then a solid wood frame would be at this size! It measures 24" wide by 36" tall and weighs less then 6 pounds. (I believe). I do not own a scale, but it is not heavy at all!

I love the frameless look, it adds a whole dimension to my favorite snapshot of the Indiana Dunes.

Adding 3 small wreaths on the left side gave me a sense of balance when I hung this above the side table. It's a quick and cheap way to add more visual space with just one impactful piece of art and things you already have on hand.

Please check out my Instagram Post on this and show me some love!

Full disclosure:

I received this metal picture for my review from Nations Photo Lab at no cost to me. All opinions are my own and I am completely enamored with the way it turned out.