Farmers Market Tablescape

Spring Decor Ideas for the Table

Hi friends! Let me just start this post out with a big fat truth. 

I miss perusing my local farmers markets on Sundays.

 Flea markets too, oh how I wish this winter would just give up and we can go back to being able to stay outside til the sun makes us sweat. About another month though right.

Spring Decor Ideas for the Table

Today is a super foggy but warmish day, so I decided to go hunt down some seeds for planting.

That was the only fun thing on my agenda, I won't bore you with the other chores. I'm sure you do them as well.

Spring Decor Ideas for the Table

I had quite a handful of packets when I started to add up how much I was about to spend.

Needless to say that's when I noticed that some of the packets seem to think they were a uppity enough to charge me ten dollars and not list how many seeds on the packet?

Pass. So I tried another aisle and found some that the prices were much better.

That way I could buy more! I mentally told myself over and over to have realistic expectations on how many seeds were actually going to get planted.

So I kept it under 20 bucks.

Spring Decor Ideas for the Table

I was at 50 bucks, until I started noticing I had veggies I don't even like in my hand. 

They were purple in color though, so I probably had good intentions.

Spring Decor Ideas for the Table

 Walking in the back door I couldn't kick my shoes off fast enough to plant my goodies. I also grabbed the 50 tulips I stored in the garage that were supposed to get planted last fall. (Full disclosure; my garage is NOT heated, so the tulips got the cold spell they need)

Unfortunately I used my entire bag of dirt on the large galvanized tub of tulips. I was pretty upset at myself that I never thought to buy another 30 lb bag of dirty goodness. I almost used some from outside, but I will wait til next time I hit the garden center to finish my seeds.

Hopefully I have time. I got pumpkins, lettuce, sunflowers, poppies, carrots, chives.

Garden Tablescape Setting

Entertaining guests

 I have also been buying every damn garden book on amazon that is under 20 bucks.

I also seem to have developed a fetish for garden magazines. Have you bought one from the store recently?

Garden seeds to plant 2018

Spring Decor Ideas

 I almost went into sticker shock when I saw them all priced around ten to twelve bucks! I was thumbing through it and heard a voice say:

It's always nice when people read the magazines before buying them.

Now ya'll know me. I am never one to be at a loss for words. I didn't even bother looking up from the magazine and just replied back:

Well when they want me to pay the price of ribeye steak, I am damn well going to make sure it has more gardens then ad's in it, before I hand my money over. 

Spring Decor Ideas

 I doubt I am the only one who thinks this way, because the last time I picked up a magazine it had more medicine ads in it then articles.

I won't embarrass the magazine by calling them out, but hopefully Good Housekeeping has gotten better about the quality they put inside their mags.

Spring tablescape Ideas

Tablescape for entertaining family and friends

I am off to go hunt my stash and see what I can use for planters for my goodies.

Have a good day!