Spring Table Decorations

Spring Table Decorations

A favorite past time of mine is to create a tablescape for Spring. Decorating a table for this season always seems like no other doesn't it?

We make it through the dreary winter season and now we get to play with color. Spring seems to make color brighter then usual doesn't it?


I treated myself to a flat of creeping jenny for my garden and decided to bring some inside too. I usually plant up my outdoor chandelier with it, because the tiny tendrils are just beautiful when the sun hits it.

So I decided to let the Sun hit it on my dining room table too.

Gorgeous Spring Table Decor for Entertaining Family & Friends

I dug out some pretty pink napkins and the woodsy squirrels to round off the table for fun.

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Home Decor for Spring

The metal urns I bought at HomeGoods in late 2016. The napkins I have had for 4 or 5 years. The dishes are from Ikea. 

Spring Tablescape

Napkins for the Dinner Table

I'm hoping to be able to spend some time outside this week. I am about halfway through with yard cleanup. Plus I have a couple of garden scores to plant.

I scored another Birch Tree, from Tractor Supply of all places. I didn't know they sold a few trees in Spring. Nothing elaborate, they had about 15 total out front and when I saw the word Birch as I passed by I figured it was worth a look. The price made it worth bringing home. Less then 30 bucks and I now have two birch trees for the backyard. This one boasts it will get huge, unlike the one I bought Fall of 2017 which will stay around 20 feet tall.

But more on that later.

Spring Table Decorations

If it stops raining I will plant the chandelier up, but so far it doesn't look likely for the next couple of days.

Spring Table Decorations

So I may have to live vicariously through these plants.