Spring Tulips

Spring Pink Tulips

The first joy of a spring garden is the Tulip. My garden work of planting more spring bulbs last fall has paid off.

Pink Tulips

Which depending on who you talk to is who is reaping the benefits. Half of my purple tulips have not come up. 

I blame the squirrels. 

Purple must not only be regal color, it must be extra tasty too. I, however am not going to test that theory by eating various bulbs to find out. I am just going to run with it.

Pink Tulip


Bushes are starting to leaf out quickly with the warmer temps we got.  Above you see one lone poppy I planted back in 2016 and maybe this year it will finally give up some flowers.

I hope!

Below, the Ivory Halo Dogwood Bush is leafing out. I also see signs of either Camassia or more Alliums getting ready to bust open. Not sure which these are yet. I couldn't find my notes on what I planted where when I started writing this.



Ivory Halo Dogwood

I laid down some compost and Epsom salts just to help this front flower bed. It hasn't seen much as far as fertilizer from me except for the occasional Miracle-Gro sprinkle once in a while.
Spring Tulips

Garden Ideas using spring bulbs for gorgeous color.

Below are the ornamental onions popping up. According to the tag, those should produce flowers in July / August. Which is what I was hoping for. The Allium bulbs will have long faded.

Garden Ideas using spring bulbs for gorgeous color.

I've got more blooms to show you in the backyard, so stay tuned!

Have a great day my friends!