Summer Tablescape

Summer Tablescape Ideas

Hi Friends! I thought it was time to take a 20 minute break from outside and set a table. 

I was getting tablescape cravings, how weird is that!

Tablescape Ideas

I found this awesome metal centerpiece at HomeGoods. I knew it would look good on my coffee table but I let it take a brief detour first.

Centerpiece Ideas

I almost bought two, one for inside and one for outside, but thought I may be going a bit overboard on how much I liked it.

Entertaining Summer Tablescape

Entertaining Summer Tablescape

Entertaining Summer Tablescape

 Greg and I have been doing outside work every chance we get. Last year we took down a Mulberry Tree.

Well we have been burning the branches to get rid of the huge pile in the back portion of our property, so the fence installation goes smoothly.

Hopefully I will hear something this week about an exact install date. 

Entertaining Summer Tablescape

I have also been moving any plants that are going to be in the way near the garage. Couple years back I planted large perennials to cover the garbage cans, because I couldn't take looking at them any longer when I pulled into the driveway. Those are getting dealt with along with I am re-doing one of the flowerbeds in the front yard again.

I know, "again". But you know me. I don't quit until I can say Taa Daa or Yes I nailed it.

Well, this time I think I have. I have a few more "stepables" and ground cover to plant and I will give you a look.

Summer Tablescape

The dishes I bought last year at Ikea, the napkins are cotton bar cloths. I'm hoping once the fence is installed or at least when Greg and I have nothing left as far as prep work goes, maybe we can start thinking about an outdoor dining area now.

I am already getting some rustic ideas!