Last Fall Garden Tour

 Last Fall Garden Video Tour


If you're like me you are covered in fall leaves and glitter. This time of year is so fun and weird at the same time. One hour I am out raking leaves, and the next I am inside sipping cocoa and putting up a christmas tree to get an early start on the festivities.

I had one last spurt from Mother Nature that give us perfect weather for taking a nice long video tour outside, so please click the link below and enjoy!

Last Fall Garden Tour

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Rita C at Panoply said...

I love your garden tours, Christine. The wine and roses weigela are a specimen I always wanted to plant but never did. Your alliums are all great, and I also love red twig dogwood (more in winter with the bare stems, I think!). Your light solution for decorating looks great, and so do the raised beds!
It's hard to tell if winter will be hard, even in your zone 5b. Seeing forsythia blooming in our zone 7a really blows my mind!