Random Garden Projects

Random Garden Projects you can get done in a day

Below is a brief video I managed to capture some random garden projects Greg and I got done one Saturday.

Hi guys,

I managed to capture a couple of projects briefly a couple of Saturdays ago. I am making a more conscientious effort to get more articles out on the old blog and get it dusted off! I had plans for doing a brief voice over in the video to give explanations but the morning I was editing the video my neighbors decoded to spend the entire day using chainsaws. Ten. Feet. From. My. Window.

I was just glad they finally thought to prune something!

Enjoy the quick video of us getting the west side of the house installed with drip irrigation, a arborvitae removed that the bunnies had completely eaten the bottom half of and was looking horrible!

I have plans this week to get a nice garden tour done as well, so stay tuned!

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Rita C at Panoply said...

So creatively skilled, you two are!