Christmas Home Tour Part 1

Rustic & Refined Home Tour

My Front Porch

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! Christmas is my all time favorite time, and I have to restrain myself from not over doing the decorating....if I had the storage space I'm sure I'd have Christmas portraits, blankets, tons of pillows and about 20 different types of trees...

Last year, on black Friday instead of shopping (Gasp! I know...Head bowing in black Friday shame) I decided to stay in and decorate for Christmas. Hubby was outside doing his impression of Clarke W. Griswald and hanging Christmas Lights. The Icicles that hang from the gutters are always the easiest due to some craftiness we did back in 2009. You can find that blog Here.

I decided to do a little better for hubby this year with regards to the outside lighting plan. My tree goes up on the day after Thanksgiving. And so far as long as we have been together in this house, every year I don't give him a full plan of what lights go where. I know about 35% of it and I wing the rest of it... And then for the next 3 hours he is knocking on the living room window (all decked out in his thermal underwear and work clothes to stay warm) asking me what to do with the rest of the lights or decorations we have. To his credit, he never shows his frustration, at least at me. The lights however....HA! They do probably get even with him by getting tangled <snicker>.
But this year, I vowed to do better for him! and so far, I'm doing very well (pat pat on the back). So I've been doing the porch and I started it Thanksgiving Week because I thought even if it took me a couple of days....the lights aren't on, so who is gonna care...

  Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change the decorations, and re-post photos over and over. lol.....I like taking pictures of what I've done and then after studying them, make changes to things. Needless to say I'm going to be making some porch changes as well as add more wreaths.
Hope you like them so far.

I love icicle lights! I'd love to hang some green ones in and mix them together with the white.....still pondering this but <sigh> maybe next year. If you have the time to leave a comment, please leave me a link to your site also, I love Christmas lights and going blog to blog.......saves on gas! so I'd love to see yours...

My Living Room & Tree

Last year I wired a Santa Clause as a topper for my tree with silk pointsettas and sprigs behind it. The only issue was that I didn't think of this idea until I had already finished my tree. So this year I did it right after I put the "top" on and after I had wired up the base.  (I usually wrap 1 or 2 strands of lights around the base before I put the branches on to help light up the tree, this year I did one white and one multi colored). It's a great way to get some inside light. Below is a pic of the before, sorry about it being a little blurry...

You'll notice that the colored lights aren't lit, but that will be fixed with an extension cord later.

One quick picture before I started tucking the lights in here and there. My tree was bought several years ago at Home Depot and is so full & thick that most of the lights have to go close to the outside in order to be seen. So wiring each branch meticulously......just won't do and to be quite frank....I can't spend a full day just wiring up a tree. I'm already anxious to do my kitchen and dining room tables! These pics below are just before I start tweaking the position of the lights, hiding the cords.

Another pic before more lights go on...

A few more additions and this tree will be done...

but first a couple more pics.

The Merry Christmas signs I got at Strack Van Til, my local grocery store for only $2.00 each.
 These little 4" Santa clauses I got at K-Mart years ago, they're actually tree toppers for small trees. They were only $1.99 each, so I couldn't pass it up.

This old wooden toolbox I picked up at an antique store for only a couple bucks looks great every year with 2 big ball lights and some pine cones and greenery.

The Foyer

My Dining Room

The table greenery is actually 2 branches from my tree. The branches were too crowded, so it gave me lots of greenery to play with.

I simply wired 2 branches together and inserted some X-mas picks from Hobby Lobby and a few cute ornaments.

I love this big centerpiece, it works on any sofa table, large shelf, it's about 3' long and I can easily change it up or add to it if need be. I just added an old pulley I had and done!

The sideboard (stand in dresser until I find the right one for the right price) is working fairly well for storage. I have it loaded down with table runners, napkins and etc...

notice the little rust on the greenery? That lovely little touch is from a basement flood a few years back when we lost power for a week.

I found this old coffee sack on a shopping trip at a few treasure soon as we walked in, my sister said "Oh boy!" she just knew........she knew I'd never want to leave! or that my wallet wuld be empty when I did.

Awwww pinecones and feathers.......I LOVE both of these textures.

The other idea is to paint the windows......and I'm not thinking white either. That's why I am hesitating. I'm thinking Black.........are you gasping yet? I think it'd be on the edgy side. (If anyone knows of any good blogs that give tips on painting solid wood windows please share as a comment?!?)

I finished decorating my latest Thrift store treasure, this $20.00 tree I put in my dining room. I'm thinking an outdoors theme, I'm rummaged around the house to see what I have on hand and found some birds, pine cones and cut up some garland that looks iced. It's giving me ideas on how to add more to my living room tree.......uhhh.... project for later.

 A little burlap (I use 12" to 14" length pieces cut up from 5" wide ribbon....gave it one twist and pinched the ends then tucked it in.

I love the dried hydrangeas.... I added a few from my yard. Some of these I literally clipped today because I needed more. No worries, I'll make a mental note to plant about 10 more next

I also added a few sprigs of some of my blue junipers. They needed trimming anyway...They are also adding a wonderful smell around the house....

I can just hear this bird singing Christmas Carols......Ohhh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree........ok, sorry. I digress.

Here's a corner in the living room, using a couple of old drawers from a re-purposed sideboard, some throws, pillows and a few Christmas items I've had for years.

In the kitchen

I started my chandelier a few days ago and now I'm done changing it.

I just added a cut up iced swag, some glass ornaments I got from Tuesday Morning a couple of years ago and some thrift store plastic snowflakes. (the ones that drop fake snow all over your house and give you glitter herpes just cuz you touched them so I spray painted them with silver metal paint from Krylon)
My sister gave me 2 gorgeous green carnival glass serving trays, so one of them was placed in a cookbook stand with a simple lighted wreath in front of it, with a metal Santa and a couple of thrift store glass trees. These pics don't do it justice at night, it glows a pretty iridescent green!

The kitchen Table

I like to call this one Silver and Tarnished....using mostly thrift store and re-sale shop items I've purchased over the years.

A couple other items I found today on my travels.....that may end up somewhere.....a cute sled, pine cones and some butterflies......I'm going to tweak them somehow, but I'm going to let them speak to me....then I'll know what to do with them....hubby thinks the little guys in white coats are going to come for me, but maybe you can relate....Lie to me if you can't...or else the voices in my head get

Remember these plastic butterflies from the 80's? That had their counterpart of a upside down umbrella with flowers in it??  Ok, I'm showing my topic!!! (No, I did not wear leg warmers and have puffed up bangs....Ok yes I did and looked great too!...really!)

These little babies will find a new color and a home too, so check back with me or subscribe to my updates if you like:-)