Owls, Purple & Tan

I am still feeling all summer inside. Even though the weather seems to be stifling one day and cool the next. It's time for me to get outside and plant mums, and do some garden pruning and add mulch in some spots that need it. 

Kitchen Update - Mirror and Glass added to Glassware Cabinet

 Just a quick post this morning to show you what I have been up to this week. I was able to finish the kitchen cabinets that hold my everyday and stemware. Yeah!

Table It Link Party 15

Hello! I am so glad you made it to the Table It 15 Link Party.

You may notice I have made some changes to my blog. I was hoping to be able to turn the reigns over and let someone else do it, but like Pisser; money went every which way the past 2 weeks. So I had to buckle down and do it myself.  I still have some tweaking to do but this will appease me for now.

Table It Monday Link Party 14

Ready to jump in the party with both feet? Yeah me too!

But first let us all pay tribute to Pisser...

Yard Art Fest - Rusty Metal Bird Feeder

Its that time again...
The Yard Art Ladies are at it again!

Showcasing various forms of Garden Art projects from different bloggers.

So please join us, while we take you on a tour of ideas for Yard Art in our Gardens.

Table It Link Party 13

I am going to jump right in and get to the party this week, I have a tablescape to show you but it's not quite ready yet. Plus hubby has been doing some welding for me, on my up and coming Yard Art Project. So far making this one itsy bitsy tiny thing for me..... he has set his shirt on fire (it made a hole about the size of a quarter) and smashed his finger. So needless to say after that; he decided he deserved a quick motorcycle ride before it rained and then unfortunately he ran out of gas.

Rustic & Refined Summer Living Room Tour

Boy am I excited to share this with you...
The wingback chairs are done
The blinds are done
and I am done....
tweaking, that is!

Table It Link Party 12

Hiya! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. 

We have been busy around here still! I have been ignoring pisser (neighborhood squirrel) so I am afraid to go out on my front porch to see how mad he is. But if he did get mad about the feeder not being filled, I'm sure he let me know.

Wingback Chair Makeover

What's a girl to do when she is budget conscious and wants 2 wingback chairs to match her love of purple and doesn't want (or can't) spend hundreds of dollars on one chair?

She scours thrift stores...