Tablescape for Fall using Purple & White

Tablescape for Fall using Purple & White@ Rustic-refined.comLet's just jump right in shall we? Ok, good. The weirdo magnet is back.....and it's not my fault. Ok it is my fault. I changed my profile picture on all my social share accounts, blog, facebook etc.....Thats what I did, I changed from a picture of dishes to my face. I admit it, ya caught me! I had no blonde idea it would lead to an argument via email with a total stranger....I'll spare you the word by word play just suffice to say he wanted to talk undergarments and leave it at that.

Fall Decor in the Entryway & Living Room

Well it's a balmy 52 degrees here and the trees are turning colors and so is the interior of my home. The wonderful thing about my love for the color it goes so well with Fall. This year I am trying to expand my horizons and explore the amazing choices of orange, mustard and rust. Ok, yes....... they compliment purple beautifully, but let's just stick with the theory that I am exploring new colors.  Yeah I know hubby didn't buy it 

Table It 19 Link Party & Autumn Inspirations

Welcome to the #19th Table It Link Party! I'm not sure where you live but here the weather has been amazing...I turned off the A/C 4 days ago and even had to close the doors & windows at night. But the daytime temps have been incredible! I am loving it already. In this post and link party I am going to share some Autumn /Fall inspiration that I found. Since I love the Fall season so much I have two different boards; one for Autumn Inspiration and one for Autumn Tablescapes...
So before we get to the party, lets take a look and see what I pinned and found!

A DIY Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation @ Rustic-refined.comI did some updating to my kitchen and decided to do a complete post on the kitchen from start to finish.  When we first bought our ranch home in 2005 it had gold appliances that we replaced with stainless steel ones, so our budget was able to get stretched pretty far.

Table It 18 Link Party

I am in love with today...Today has been such a good day here. The weather is absolutely perfect. I even have the windows open throughout the house and can hear the birds chirping and people walking outside. I also got some fall touches done to my front porch this morning while fighting with every mosquito in the midwest. Small price to pay for adding bits of fall beauty. 

I am also googling some hotels for an upcoming trip I am going to take. My BFF of almost 20 years and I are organizing a Fall trip to meet and have a girl weekend.... 
So it has been a good week around here! 

Fall Touches to the Front Porch

I got busy today really early this morning. I wanted to add some Fall touches to the front porch and I knew it needed a quick cleaning before hand....That was a mistake. Hosing down a porch when the sun hasn't hit yet? Made every mosquito in a 30 mile radius come flying by to say; Hi can I bite you?
But seeing some of the touches I added was worth it!

Fall Leaves Tablescape

Fall Leaves Tablescape @ Rustic-refined.comThe leaves are starting to turn colors in NW Indiana and the nights are getting just a touch cooler. I can feel it coming....Bonfires, Flannel throws, fur throws, hot drinks and festivals. Lots and lots of festivals here. Blueberry, Corn, and the Covered Bridge Festival. The drive down there is always amazing. With the hillsides and multi color trees!

I wanted to do a fall table that depicted that feeling....

How To Make a Burlap Nest for Fall

How to make Burlap Nests @ Rustic-refined.comOk I know I am normally not posting crafts on my blog, I am all about Tablescapes, DIY and Gardening but I figured who doesn't like burlap? Since nests of good quality seem to be a bit pricey I decided to make my own.

Table It 17 Link Party
Its that time again! Boy did you guys get busy and really give me (as well as others) some terrific recipes and tables and decor to look at!!

I have about 2 more hours before company shows up for the holiday celebration and I still have some tweaking to do...

Of course I had to decide to clean my rugs this weekend too, which threw a monkey wrench in my plans but they're clean now!

Table It Link Party 16

 Welcome to the 16th Table It Link Party! Last week sure was amazing wasn't it! It felt like the week was only 4 days long. Before I knew it, the weekend was here and now it's almost over.
Ok so I have to ask.....

Owls, Purple & Tan

I am still feeling all summer inside. Even though the weather seems to be stifling one day and cool the next. It's time for me to get outside and plant mums, and do some garden pruning and add mulch in some spots that need it.