Spring Saturday with Front Porch Decorating

Going to be a lot going on for me today so this post....is high on pic's and low on chatter.
I got a new score from my local Habitat for Humanity Store getting hung up today (a new chandelier), I'm on the hunt for outdoor pillows to add to my porch and I've got some more decorating/cleanup outdoors to do.
Wish me luck!

Before pictures of my chandy

 I did some pre-investigating before I bought it, and the greenish tinted glass will come out to make painting easier!

Below is one light coat of Krylon semi gloss black...and yes I painted it on the basement (with the use of a fan) because if I had to wait for Mother Nature to catch up to Phil's prediction of an early spring I'd go grey.....or nuts!

I'll post pictures when we get it hung up! It's going in the back entry, it's heavy and over 26" in height!

Doing some decorating to my front porch....

It's also time to update and move the house numbers to a new location. 

That'll get done today too as well as shop for 2 outdoor pillows in a hot summer color. I'm thinking hot pink or a lime green, what do you think?

If I find a gorgeous pink I'll find some pink flowers (I think bleeding hearts are shade loving?)  

I always do hanging ferns because they thrive here in my shady front porch. I also have a lantern that can come outside with a candle in a coordinating color. 

OK, it's time to put my tush in high gear!

Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend, cuz I know I will!