Four score with thrift stores and more

Ok, this post is for my blog buddy Alycia Nichols at

And if you haven't been to her blog (which if you're into tablescapes you have, cuz she is awesome) then you need to go visit her. She is the queen of Tablescapes and organization.

A lot of these items I have gotten over the past 3 to 4 weeks, but if I posted each time I scored (ok no snickering at the dirty joke....ok, maybe just one, cuz it was funny) then ya'll would be getting emails from me almost 5 times a week. One for 4 glasses, and one for 4 napkins....and I don't want to be that kind of blogger. I think people lose interest if I bombarded them.

Oh there's that blonde redneck again!

Below is some glass items I got and I laid them out to spray WD-40 on the takes them off like butter! (just spray and walk away and leave it for at least 15 minutes. It eats the adhesive and the stickers practically fall off, no gummy residue)

I got 6 pink wine glasses, 4 peach glass dishes and some white uhhh... ok, white small thingy's that I think would be great to put salt, pepper or butter in.

OK if you know the name, please share!  LOL Cuz I'm going to call them salt thingy's.

A pretty white birdcage...
Pink table runner and table cloth..

A wingback chair...totally couldn't pass this up!
Not a tear or stain on it and it was about 1/4 of what I would have paid retail!

Patina green urn, milk glass urn, more napkins, and table cloths! The table runner on the very bottom is from Tuesday Morning....I also got matching tea towels but because the fabric is linen, I'm going to use them as napkins.
More napkins..

This cream fringe item is actually a sham....but I'm going to use it as a table topper...I'll kinda scrunch it up a bit on my table.

some new them!

Ok, so who wants to go shopping with moi?!?!?

Can I find the goodies or can I find the goodies!